Equality Project

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We get several experiences from our daily activities. These experiences present unique learning opportunities in which we acquire various views and perspectives on life. The new experiences can be scary or tough, but through determination we are always able to align ourselves with them and perform all the activities according to our expectations and requirements. Personally, I have heavily been in involved various activities that require my active participation while other may want my input and passive contribution. However, I get to acquire various skills and knowledge from each of these experiences making my life better.

In one of my most memorable experiences, my work in work in Qatar where we were engaged in various equality activities. In the Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies which is based on the Qatar Foundation, and this is one of the biggest learning opportunities that I had. At first, I did not think was going to be an entertaining engagement, but after getting involved in the activities of the volunteer service, I acquired massive satisfaction from the experiences and engagements. This activity made me excited, and it always makes me have a desire of going back to the same place or a place that can help me a similar experience.

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One of the major objectives of the volunteer was to have ourselves participate in equality projects. This implies that we were required to put our efforts and commitments towards enhancing equality for all people. One of the inspirations towards our engagement is that all human beings are equal in the face of God. The world today is heavily stratified along social, economic and cultural orientations. The aim of the visits was to break the barriers that have been created and to offer services to all people without paying much regard to their physical, social, religious or cultural perspective.

While in Qatar, we were engaged in various activities. All of us were divided into various groups and we participated in voluntary activities in areas some of us did not have a lot of experience. However, we all assisted each other and were able to learn how to perform various duties and obligations that were associated with all the areas of attention. Through the commitment, we were able to participate in all the activities to satisfaction. We offered our services to all the people who work in the foundation. Some of the services that we gave them include serving the people of food, water and drinks. We performed all the duties that were supposed to have when performed.

The exercise was very intensive because while some of us were busy serving food and drinks, our colleagues were on duty as the security guards while others were engaged in cleaning services. We volunteered our services for the consecutive days without relenting. To acquire a balance, we were working on schedules by shifting from one duty to another to give our members a wide experience in all the areas that needed our attention. This was a typical representation of mindfulness and regard to all people through equality.

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