Lifecycle Of Leadership Development

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Leadership plays critical roles in the running of an organization, especially when it is a large firm. Being a leader implies that one is capable of influencing other people in a particular direction to achieve set objectives (Huczynski & Buchanan, 2013). Being a leader requires self-sacrifice and one is expected to do all that is necessary to lead a company in the right direction (Huczynski & Buchanan, 2013). It is critical to the state that leaders are made and not born as Huczynski and Buchanan (2013) contend.

In this context, it implies that for one to be a perfect leader, there are certain stages he or she should undergo. It is vital to note that learning is a process that results in a relatively permanent change in the behavior (Huczynski & Buchanan, 2013). From this perspective, leaders are expected to learn until they reach the enlightening phase. Leadership development entails a cycle that is typified by learning of new things regarding the headship. Thus, there are four “E” phases of leadership development, which include embryonic, evolving, effective, and the enlightening leader (Huczynski & Buchanan, 2013).

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It is worth to indicate that I fall under evolving leader. There are many reasons that make me firmly believe that I belong to this category. First, I am capable of influencing others through predispositions. It is vital to note that I have been selected as a leader of a team of the college, implying that my leadership skills are evolving (Vitalia Consulting, 2014). Additionally, I motivate other members of my group, and I always do all it takes to ensure that my group achieves the objectives that we set. I am in the forefront in guiding and leading by example for the other members of my team to follow. I can challenge other leaders to follow my views, despite my age, and they have always supported me in achieving my group’s objectives. Nevertheless, I can offer moral and material support to my group, including finances if there is a need to influence others’ behaviors. My aim of providing material support is to outperform other groups and would always like my team to be at the top.

There are two steps that I am required to undergo to reach the enlightening leader’s phase. To get to effective leader level, I need to develop confidence that is necessary for leading my team. There is evidence that more skills are required at this stage, and I am expected to acquire them. For instance, I should learn how to create opportunities and utilize them whenever they exist as Huczynski and Buchanan (2013) contend. Informed choices are critical in leading a group or running an organization. Unfortunately, most of my decisions are not informed, and sometimes I am forced to inquire from my fellow leaders. Thus, for me to be in the effective leader phase, I should learn the skills aforementioned. The last step that I should undergo is the enlightening phase, in which I will be a seasoned leader. To get to this stage, I should learn how be creative and innovative because they are critical in influencing people (Vitalia Consulting, 2014). How to overcome leadership challenges is also essential in this phase. This implies that I should learn how to overcome them when they emerge. I should also develop problem-solving techniques and know how to teach the embryonic leaders (Vitalia Consulting, 2014). Despite the fact that I can lead a team, most of the activities that my group engages in, do not require critical thinking as it is in the enlightening leader phase. Therefore, I must undergo all the steps mentioned above to be a developed head.

Thus, being a leader requires one to undergo through some phases that will equip him or her with the relevant skills to become a full leader who can teach others what it entails being a leader. It is an endless cycle that produces people who can give back what they have learned to the society.

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