Google Evaluation Paper

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Google is perhaps one of the most successful multinational corporations that engage in internet searches and internet related products. It has recorded tremendous growth since its inception. For optimal returns and revenue, Google has crossed over from a major search engine to manufacturing finished and tangible products such as cars and televisions. The move to start producing such items has been met with oppositions from all quarters. The reasons cited for this opposition are based on antitrust regulations that bind corporations and individual across the globe. However, for the extended manufacture of products, Google has to take into considerations some few aspects.

For Google not to be caught up by the harsh antitrust laws, it requires to know that some certain acts and conducts are restricted. Antitrust laws operate to guard fair competition among all the industry players. The consumers are guarded against predation and monopoly from certain businesses. For the manufacture of cars and televisions by Google, the same must not be against fair competition. The unfairness can arise from the fact that the same products may be advertised through Google itself.

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Due to advertising their own products, other companies manufacturing the same products may not be able to keep up the pace of advertising on the same platform. Again, now that the cars will be android enabled and related, Google may not allow the enabling devices not to use them in case they come up with their automobiles. These things coupled places Google at an edge over other producers. To eliminate this, Google must not advertise their cars and other products on their platforms. Further, Google requires to allow other companies use their android devices to operate cars manufactured by other companies. alternatively, Google can sell its idea to an independent willing, ready and able investors to pursue the idea altogether.

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