Having Best Friends Persuasive Outline

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Topic: Best Friends

Purpose: to persuade

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Specific purpose: to persuade my audience to have best friends.

Thesis: everybody in my audience should think about having best friends because 1) It reduces stress 2) It creates a sense of self-belonging and identity 3) It increases personal security through creating comfort

Attention Step
[Attention Getter] Who among you has never though t of having a very good friend in life?
All these three thing can be found in one interesting thing which I am going to talk about today, having a best friend.
According to Jessica Padykula in the article “Canadian Living publication,”
Having a best friend reduces stress.
Having a best friend creates a sense of identity.
Having a best friend increases the levels of personal comfort.
[Topic justification] the purpose of my topic today to persuade people who do not have personal friends to create best friends.
20 out of 25 members of the class do not have best friends.
12 of these do not have any interest in having a best friend.
[Credibility Statement] personally, I have gone through experiences that have convinced me that having a best friend is an elemental part of life because a best friend can:
Help me to lower my stress when am facing tough situations.
At times when I felt extremely lonely, my friend gave comfort as we got engaged in various constructive activities and sharing of experiences and this relieved a lot.
[Thesis] Today I want people who do not have best friends to think about having them because of their importance in life. Today I will explain
First, best friends relive stress.
Second, how to make a best friend in life.
Finally, this simple and basic engagement can change the quality of your life in multiple dimensions.

Transition: First, I will highlight some of the dangers of staying without a best friend.

Problem/Need Step
[Statement of the problem] in our daily engagements we all strive to make our lives better by engaging in activities that reduce the quality of our lives.
[Extent and seriousness of the problem] As I indicated early, there are various negative aspects of life that are associated with not having a best friend in life.
The possibility of increased levels of stress and depression because of lacking a best friend can bring various threats in a person’s health.
1. Social problems.
2. Emotional challenges.
3. Health challenges.
B. Having a best friend is one of the realistic ways of improving the quality of life because it gives an individual a person who can listen and can be committed to giving the required comfort.
Having a best friend is one of the realistic approaches that can assist an individual to stay and live a healthy life with sufficient happiness.

[Audience Involvement] On enquiry, I realized that most of you do not have best friends because
You like a lot of privacy in performing your duties.
Some of you have not come across people that can be best friends.
Some of you don’t find the need of having a best friend.
And some of you have been betrayed by friends and it is difficult to trust someone
Whatever, this excuses don’t worth staying isolated lives.
Transition: now that you understand how dangerous it is to live without having a best friend, I will give you solutions to this problem.

[Evaluation of proposed alternative solution] There are some people that have come up with ways of staying without best friends in their lives in the society today through engaging in busy schedules and embracing resilience through flexibility and resistance to problems that may occur.
This is a good idea because it can reduce the impact of stress and loneliness to an individual through making a person:
Very busy.
Beat stress.
Have some level of comfort.
Even though, these ideas are good. Having a best friend can have a realistic and easy solution to some unique challenges in life.

[Statement of my solution] There are many practical ways that be used in creating and maintaining good friends in life.
[Explain the solution] To ensure that you have a worthy friend in your life.
First, know your personal preferences.
Second, assess all your friends.
Third, look for compatibility in your friends to have a friend with common interests.
[Illustrate/demonstrate the effectiveness of the solution]
The first thing to do is to know yourself well.
This is through assessing personal character.
This can assist in knowing personal likes and dislikes in personality.
It is important that you ascertain this characteristics as they are elemental towards creating a worthy friendship.
Second, assess all the potential friend around you
This is by studying their characters.
This is when to assess their likes and dislikes.
Increase the scope of observation in order to have the best choice possible.
Third, it is important to make the most appropriate choice because of the importance of a best friend in life.
Getting a compatible friend is important
It can reduce stress through reasonable sharing
It can promote a person’s wellbeing.
[Refutation] judging by the result from my questionnaire, I don’t think any of this excuses is convincing.
The answer I saw most often why you don’t have personal friends is because you need personal privacy.
A best friend if well chose can be party of your privacy.
It is good to invest sufficient time in choosing a friend before engaging as this will enhance compatibility

Another answer I saw repeatedly was that they have been betrayed before and they fear having a person perceived to a best friend.
It is important to take your time
Try to consult from time to time
Solve controversies to logical conclusions
Be tolerant

Transition: all these excuses don’t worth damaging your life by being lonely and having a stressing life.

Visualization Step
[Negative Visualization] to help you understand just how having a best friend will change your life
According to the article “Top 10 reasons why you need a best friend,” by Jessica Padykula. A best friend will help you,
Reduce stress.
Boost happiness.
Improve self-confidence.
Unconditional comfort
Constructive opinions and ideas
[Positive Visualization] as I mentioned earlier if you don’t have a best friend, you can be subjected to various social and emotional challenges
Take a brave step and try to change your life positively by making the right decisions.

Conclusion / Action step
[Summary] Today I have tried persuading people to have best friends.
First, I talked about how dangerous is living life a best friend.
Second, I talked about the easiest ways of having a best friend in life.
Lastly, I refuted to people who don’t have best friends.
[Action Step] from today, make an effort of having a best friend in life.
Make sure you take time in picking a best friend.
Find your most appropriate partner.
Make positive sacrifices to enhance the importance of having a best friend.
Living without a best friend can be so dangerous. I hope I changed your mind and helped you to live a better life.

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