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THESIS STATEMENT: Research shows that online dating is less likely to lead to long-term romantic relationship and marriage, leads to finding a genetically and biologically unsuitable mates, and victimizes people both sexually and financially, therefore it should be avoided. Face-to-face dating should be used instead.

One significant disadvantage of online dating is that it is less likely to lead to long-term romantic relationship in comparison with face-to-face dating.
It offers near-infinite alternatives of mates on dating websites, which forms low commitment in partners.
According to scientists, a chief predictor of commitment is “the perception of appealing alternatives.” When a person believes that there are nice alternatives out there, they get more likely to display “low commitment to their partner and eventual breakup.” This is how dating websites shape the perception that good alternatives are very easy to find (Engelhart 1).
The partners that display low commitment to their partners found through online dating websites admit that if the relationship developed offline they would have shown greater commitment and made efforts to make it work (Engelhart 1).
Scientists found that couple who met online are three times more likely to divorce than those who met face-to-face (Knapton 8).
1. This is explained by shorter relationship cycles associated with online dating, where people are more eager to leave relationship that do not satisfy them (Engelhart 1).
2. The people involved in online dating are infected by “romantic dysfunction”: “People with a strong belief in romantic destiny are especially likely to exit a romantic relationship when problems arise, even when they are involved in rewarding relationships” (Engelhart 1)
Another important disadvantage of online dating is people’s neglect of biological and genetical mechanisms’ role in finding suitable mates.
A. Online dating involves browsing through individuals’ profiles and making judgements based on rationality and a wish to find a similar mate without taking into account the fact that the best mates are those that display different physical and psychological characteristics (Knapton).
B. Online dating does not allow people to use their senses when their bodies subconsciously pick partners based on the suitability of their DNAs.

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1. It does not enable people to form a holistic perspective on prospective partners as it fails to provide the hands-on perceptions of smell, shape, skin tone, body size, hair quality, and height (Knapton par.7).

2. It is not based on natural sexual affection, because sexual desire, which comes as a combination of sound, smell, touch and visual stimuli cannot get recreated by simply viewing a person’s profile on a dating website (Knapton par. 8).
One more considerable disadvantage is people’s victimization both sexual and financial.

A. Dating websites do not perform criminal background checks on their users, which means that one can easily become a victim of rapist, childhood molester, or sexual offender (O’Day 329).

1. A Hollywood woman sued Match.com, the United States’ oldest and largest dating website for being sexually assaulted by a well-known sexual offender (Macintosh 76). .

2. No laws exist in America to guarantee the safety of online dating partners and holding dating websites accountable for women’s experiences of sexual offences (O’Day 329).

B. Online dating partners make up the greatest proportion of victims of financial fraud.
1.In one case, a beautiful, successful nurse from upstate New York lost 12,000 as her fiancé, whom she met online, made bogus deposits to her bank accounts (Macintosh 75).
2. In another case, a 44 year-old Briton John Keady was sentenced to five years in jail for stealing £80,000 from 8 career women, whom he contacted on a dating website and wooed by representing himself as a business consultant (“Dating Websites Fraudster Jailed”).

Although online dating is immensely popular in America today, it should be avoided in favour of traditional dating.
This is explained by its serious drawbacks and risks: online dating is less likely to lead to long-term romantic relationship and marriage, leads to finding a genetically and biologically unsuitable mates, and victimizes people both sexually and financially.

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