History Of Interracial Marriage

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There is a lot of concern about people of different races marrying each other. One side feels that you are free to love whoever you want while others feel you should stay with your race. There are many reasons why people feel that interracial marriage is a bad thing. They argue that the children will not fit in society or that the couple will be treated differently. It is also said that races are no longer separate because of races being mixed. It may be based on a fear of losing power or their feelings towards certain races.

The people who are for interracial marriage feel that society is a melting pot for people. There are so many races living in the United States and they can love whoever they want. Racism should not be an issue today because that is no longer allowed. Also, there are so many people who are married to different races there should no longer be a problem for people today. The younger people are growing up with friends who are not the same as them and they feel that there is no problem with marring someone who is a different race.

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The Color of Love discusses that mixed marriages are no longer unusual. Early history shows that the arguments against the civil rights was that it would allow interracial marriage. The fear was right because without legal barriers people are able to love whoever they want, without getting in trouble. The article says that marrying different races can bring problems to the family. They could lose important cultural traditions and their family may face prejudice. The word that they use is fear of contamination. This means it is not ok for races to not be separate. Some families who do not agree with interracial marriage will still accept their grandchildren because the fear of cultural prejudices is not as big of a deal.

“Open families most resemble an individualistic society in which interdependence is maintained and intermarriage is acceptable” (Root, 2002). Some families are ok with being friends with other races but they do not accept relationships with other races. Parents who practice arranged marriage can hire private investigator to see if their children are having a relationship with someone out of their race. They may even been mean to the people who their children are dating. It is important to challenge stereotypes and racism that is still going on today.

The year is 2016 and it is important to do away with racism that is happening today. Society is made up of so many different people, each one bringing something new to society. People should be free to love whoever they want to love. There are a lot of mixed children today, and they should have the right to choose who they marry too. Those who fight against interracial marriage probably have their own feelings for racism and they see it as a bad thing to mix the races. These racial barriers should not be active in today’s world. America has passed many different laws for equality and civil rights. People should respect those laws and the people who are defend from them. This is why interracial marriage should not be looked at as bad. Two people who love each other and love their children will make a family, and no one should see them different than two people of the same race marrying. Love is love and race does not change how one person loves. It is time to support interracial marriage and let people be with who they want to be with.

  • Root, M. (2002). The Color of Love. The American Prospect.

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