Windows Installation and System Information Data

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A clean installation requires the formatting a hard drive whereas an upgrade is done whenever the user does not need to perform a format of their hard drive.

Clean installation
Ability to start from scratch without any bloatware or trial software that might have come pre-installed with the computer system. This also enables a user to start installation of programs and software afresh and therefore only install the software that they use. This ability to start afresh also means the start of a new windows registry.
The formatting of the hard drive eliminates any software errors that had developed and can also help resolve some hardware issues.
Performing clean installs also leads to loss of drivers which is time-consuming for the individual to find the drivers manually.

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Disadvantages :
Performing a clean install is more time consuming compared to performing an upgrade.
Performing a clean install may lead to the loss of data if the individual fails to back up their data before beginning the clean install.

Performing an upgrade
Advantages :
Takes a shorter time compared to a clean install since there is no need to reinstall and reconfigure any previously installed software.

Disadvantages :
Upgrading does not eliminate bloatware, and thus the performance of the computer system might not improve even though a better and higher operating system has been installed.

Use of the System Information tool
The system information tool is a quick and easy way of knowing the specifications of a computer including the processor, network card and RAM size which can help an IT support professional to know the capability of a computer and the type of programs and software that it can run. The information can also help an IT support professional to know the best way in which a customer’s Computer system can be enhanced and improved to perform at a faster and more efficient level.

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