Is Google Making Us Stupid? Analysis

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The use of Internet introduced many positive and negative effects on the process of learning. While some think Google makes people stupid, other think of it as of a useful tool that can help in their education and see things in a perspective. Google presents a vast range of products that includes Search, Google Earth, Maps, Analytics, Images, News, Places, and YouTube, etc. It depends on the students and their goals during the process of learning. If they want to expand their knowledge, Google is a helpful tool with various options, but if the primary interest is not in getting knowledge, but in partying or having fun, use of Google will result in adverse consequences.

The concept of computer-based learning and use of information technology in the class allows, for example, Google Earth into the classroom. It provides various benefits such as “satisfaction and enjoyment of the experience; [“] the ability to put information into perspective (literally)” (Thankachan and Franklin 12), convenience, opportunity to improve comprehension of scientific information related to space and geography through studying the world in its real-life condition. Google Earth has a positive effect on the educational process by making it interactive, inclusive, and powerful. Nevertheless, for some students, Google associates only with free materials which they might use as their papers. Such learning style leaves no knowledge in the heads of the students.
Furthermore, students” memory worsens because they have any information they need at their fingertips, and thus, people no longer need to acquire knowledge as they can google it. So, the Internet became “an external memory system” (Sparrow et al. 776) that allows students to study without pressure.

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To conclude, the debate on positive and negative effects of Google is endless. It depends on personal attitude to the process of learning and ways of getting hold of information. Self-development and responsible use of Internet resources make people more intelligent, while the use of Internet only for fun can result in the degradation of the users.

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