IT and Virtualization

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In your opinion, why is virtualization perceived as the holy grail of IT?

I think that virtualization is the holy grail of IT. It provides room for the development of software emulation or version of physical resources. It provides an agile-way of thinking as well as establishing an appropriate implementation approach. Moreover, it provides a quick basis for checking with different users as well as the establishment of validation points.

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How can virtualization help a company?
Virtualization can provide a company that has limited funds with opportunity of staying on budget by making sure that the need of investing on hardware is eliminated (Angeles, 2014). It can as well create a virtual environment for company to automate the routine undertakings of the staff members alongside offering the convenience of centralizing the management of resources. With virtualization, employees of a company can use any device to access their data at any given time. Virtualization comes in handy with better hyper-converged architecture that creates room for the attainment of fast server provisioning and subsequent improvement of software delivery life-cycle (Angeles, 2014).

What are the security considerations?
Security personnel should be engaged or involved throughout the entire virtualization cycle (Angeles, 2014).
Classification of virtual machines.
Creating segment traffic for storage and administration.
Minimizing hosts’ attack surfaces.
Segmenting or classifying traffic for the purpose of storage and administration.

How does it compare with cloud computing?
Virtualization is inherently a technology that enables individuals to come up with multiple dedicated resources or simulated environments from a single, physical hardware system (Angeles, 2014). Cloud computing, on the other hand, is a set of approaches and principles that are designed to deliver storage, network, and compute infrastructure applications, platforms, services and resources to the users who are on-demand across any given network (Angeles, 2014).

Would you recommend virtualization for a company?
Yes. I would recommend virtualization for a company because the innovative technology can provide the company with the convenience of saving vast amount of resources like money and at the same tome create room for enhancing operational efficiency.

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