Latent Innovations in the Tourism Industry

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Hoteliers have found a newer and better way to make guests feel like they are at home. This has been accomplished through providing guests with “state-of-the-art technological amenities”. (Rushing, 2012, p. 1) In addition, Green Eco Hotels are all the rage and there is a website that promotes only Green Eco Hotels throughout the world.

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Technological Amenities
The provision of technological amenities is reported to include “a deeper level of connectivity than a simple iPod dock, or a reliable internet connection” but instead is reported to include such as “a simple touchscreen with an easy-to-use graphic user interface” that controls all the amenities of the room such as “lighting, air conditioning, TV, movies and music”. ( ) In addition these systems are able to negotiated communication with “the front desk, housekeeping, concierge and checkout”. ( , p. 1)

Microsoft in on Hotel Renovations
Microsoft is involved with Sheraton and specifically Sheraton Sioux Falls Hotel in its $6.5 million renovation. Cited as a unique feature in Sheraton’s lobby design “is the Link@Sheraton experienced with Microsoft”. (Sheraton, 2013, p.1) The lobby design includes terminals for laptops and complimentary high-speed wireless internet.

Green Eco Hotels
Green Eco Hotels are all the rage in addition to the technologies amenities renovations discussed. The website www.greenecohotelsoftheworld.com lists all the world’s green hotels. One of the hotels listed is Gayana Eco Resort located on the border of a tropical Jungle island off the Borneo coast. The resort focuses on the protection and regeneration of the Marine Ecology.

Summary and Conclusion
Today’s hoteliers are in touch with what guests really desire and that is technological amenities that make them feel like they are at home as well as environmentally conscious and committed Green Eco Hotels. Technological amenities include hookups for laptop computers and complimentary high-speed internet access. Green Eco Hotels are those generally that focus on specific preservation and regeneration projects of the local environment.

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