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The well-known author, Dan Brown, once wrote: “To live in the world without becoming aware of the meaning of the world is like wandering about in a great library without touching the books. I firmly believe that the study of law is one of the most crucial aspects towards understanding the meaning of the world. The law as been with us for thousands of years and has helped to develop societies across the millennium. Because of this, it has been my dream for many years to research, learn and understand the art and complexity of the law.

Part if this stems from the recognition that the law provides integrity in a world that often lacks it. Despite all of our advances in technology, science and wealth there are still many struggles and much injustice in the global society. I feel a passion for making the world a fairer place, particularly for those who are oppressed. In order to achieve that, I want to have a distinguished career in the law. The definition of “right” and “wrong” is often perceived differently, based upon the culture and tradition of the person.

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Obviously, this often leads to many injustices for individuals across the world, particularly those of the female gender, or those who are “different” from the mainstream of that society. However, in our globalized world, the notion of “right” is becoming more recognized than any other time in history. The concept of “right” should not be cultural; it should merely be a respect for all humans, regardless of their differences. In order to be able to assist in the provision of justice, there are a number of prerequisites in which I intend to develop in my undergraduate studies.

Recently, I had the opportunity to intern with a prestigious international lawyer. I observed several trials and spent many hours in the office, discussing the case with the attorney and his associates. I also conducted research relating to the cases. This experience further enhanced my interest in studying law. I recognized the importance of international law as a means to further the ability to provide respect and human rights for all individuals, regardless of where they live.

During my studies in the IB programme, I exceled in my Higher Level history and psychology courses. I believe this is important because law is often related to history. The study of history often involves the historical components that surrounded the particular case. History provides us with a background against which the law exists and develops. I also believe psychology is important because law is often related to individuals. One must understand how individuals think and act if one can understand how to use the law.

My involvement in many and varied extracurricular activities has given me the valuable opportunity to develop important social skills. Having completed my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award, I am currently working towards finishing the Silver Award. In participating in this award scheme, I learned the value of teamwork, improvisation and perhaps above all, determination and self-belief. My involvement in sports has also developed my self-discipline and leadership skills. I served as captain of my volleyball team and representative for my school tennis. My involvement has also given me the opportunity to enjoy helping hospitalized children with cancer every week for the past year. This experience taught me lessons about humanity and the ability of humans to persevere. I will always be moved emotionally and intellectually when I recall these experiences. I hope to pursue my interest in studying Chinese at university.

My ultimate goal in pursuing the study of law is to one day become a judge. I am overly excited by the prospect of a successful career in law. As a young adult, I intend to be an individual who advocates for positive change in the world. My goal is to correct injustices. I have been particularly moved by the work that Nelson Mandela did to stop the injustice of apartheid in South Africa. While one will likely never achieve the tremendous goals of Mandela, one can still be inspirited to try to follow in his example.

If one asked me to describe myself in three words, I would have to respond that I am light-hearted, determined and diplomatic. I believe one should be light-hearted and joyful when appropriate. The world is often filled with challenges and difficulties. If one can maintain a positive attitude and be able to enjoy the everyday beauty of life, life will be easier. I also am strong-willed. I am determined to use my education to improve the world for those around me. However, I also recognize that one cannot be strong-willed at all times. When working with others, either in a team, or even as opponents, one must be diplomatic. This allows the potential for resolution for any conflicts.

I am excited about the prospect of a career in law. I believe that I would make a good lawyer. Furthermore, my family, friends and teachers also believe that this is the ideal career for me. I will continue with my studies in an effort to build a solid basis for a legal career. I am confident that I will be an effective lawyer for those in need. I look forward to discussing this with you in the future.

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