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Playing guitar is one of my best hobbies. I started developing a liking for playing this device when I was still very young. In fact, my parents and my older siblings tell me that whenever we went to church on Sundays, I had developed the tendency of staying close to the church guitarists. At the age of five, my father had noticed the keen interest I had in playing this particular musical instrument. He offered to buy me a toy guitar as a present when I became the top of my kindergarten class. I was schooling at Saint Maria Preparatory school in Lithuania. I was so elated. The toy guitar was one of my best and valuable present that I have ever received in my life. Since the present was given to me while we had already closed school for the summer holidays, I spent all my days at home learning how to pluck a few strings up and down in the name of learning.

I remember I usually insisted to carry the device on Sundays to church so that I would stand in between the choir in the church and sing with then while playing my little fiddle. Of course my mother and my elder sisters would not allow me. I became very frustrated when I was held back when I tried to run to the front of the church with my toy guitar. Because I had become so ‘nagging’ my mother usually hid the small instrument so that I would not carry it to church. I became very infuriated at her for denying me my best item.

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The schools reopened earlier than usual. The three months seemed to be a few days. I had learnt somewhat on the small guitar. I could pull some strings and sing at the same time, though incoherently. When I insisted on carrying the instrument to school, my father refused. He insisted that the school was meant for academics and not playing guitars. He in fact said that if I dared drop my score in school he would take my guitar away. Since I did not want my small idol to me taken away, I reluctantly went without it. I was so happy to tell my friends at school that I had a guitar and in fact I had some little knowledge on how to play the same. My friend John was so thrilled.

Fast forward. When I attained the age of eleven, my father who had been working as a nuclear energy consultant with the Ministry of Energy at Lithuania was transferred to Barcelona in Spain. We had to relocate with him. I joined a new school. I was in grade 5. Luckily, there was a music club at the school. I immediately joined the club. It was a God-given opportunity. My previous school did not have such organizations. By then, my father had purchased me a real guitar. I had previously joined a youth choir at Lithuania Pentecostal Church and I had now learnt to play the guitar. I would match a rhythm and the tempo of a song while playing the instrument. I continued practicing in the new music club at my school. I liked it. Since most of the schoolmates were Spanish, the major language of communication was Spanish. I had learnt a little Spanish. Most of the songs were sung in Spanish and so I had a little difficult catching up. A few people scorned me. Some believed that I could not make a good guitarist. It did not take long. I caught up and started becoming very famous in the school.

At the age of 16, I had various accolades in my name. I had met the King of Spain twice when my club was invited at a function that was being presided over by his Majesty the King. My skill had made me meet various important personalities at very tender age. Practice and more practice makes perfect. That was my everyday rule. However, my parents still insisted that I was supposed to remain focused in my education. They reminded me that the accolades I had acquired in music was bare without academic papers. I took the advice with a lot of seriousness. That is why I am among you today, pursuing my Masters’ Degree in Linguistics.

The importance of this narration is on hard work, commitment and dedication. It also focuses on horning skills and talents that various people possess. Mine was a humble beginning. I started off my identifying my liking when I was of very tender age. My insistence was that I was supposed to be allowed to play my guitar every day. Even when my I was so much overwhelmed with my homework, I still created a little time to practice.

It must be noted from the outset that each and every human being has a liking for some idea. This may conceptually be said to be a vision. But not many people are able to conceptualize their dream. Many end up losing hope too early in life. Others are not able to identify the goals they would like to achieve at a certain period in time. Identification of an ideal goal and objective is fundamental to everyone in the society. Upon the identification of the idea, dream or vision, a person is supposed to proceed and pursue the goal at hand. Hard work and commitment are the key to success. It is usually said that faith without action is dead. Actions are at the heart of realizing any dream.

I remember a few months ago I was invited to be a host to a The Annual Talent Show at Melbourne. I had not imagined that I would be honored as such. My invitation to the event was like a dream to me. I had to pinch myself to make sure that I was not asleep. It was a reality. When I presented my piece of song while playing my guitar, everybody in the seminar stared at me. Thunderous claps showered me when I finished my presentation I was so much honored. To me it was a dream come true. Hard work pays.

It is therefore imperative to put effort in everything that we do. Life offers various opportunities to every one of us, and especially the youth. Furthering our own talent and skills is what is required of us. Hard work, commitment, dedication and moral standing are the gate-passes to success.

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