Multiple Intelligences

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There are many types of intelligences, including musical, linguistic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal. Other forms of intelligence that have been newly recognized by many researchers and professionals, include existential intelligence, this type dealing with the meaning and purpose of one’s life. Some individuals possess more hands on intelligence, their spatial intelligence making them excel at doing jigsaw puzzles and assembling or constructing items. Naturalistic intelligence would also fall into the prior category. Mathematically intelligent people are good at working with numbers and formulas.

The new emphasis on multiple intelligences has changed the concept of education in the school system. In today’s world, teachers and educators are moving away from only grade based achievement. Traditional classrooms, where homework and tests are the predominant grading criteria, are becoming much less dominant. Taking into account that children have many types of intelligences, lessons are becoming more multi-faceted, teachers including powerpoints, video clips, and hands on group activities. Therefore, I can see more hiring changes taking place. Teachers who are more creative will probably be looked upon by human resource agencies as higher quality, better able to enhance the learning of children with multiple intelligences. I can see testing also changing, traditional student achievement tests replaced with tests that measure interpersonal or intrapersonal intelligences, which deals with recognizing feelings in others and one’s self. Classes with more diverse curriculum may be added, including psychology, music recording, martial arts, and environmental science classes.

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After reading over the intelligence types, I realize that I possess more than I had previously thought. I have a strong musical intelligence, which deals with rhythms, creating, and reproducing music. I am able to pick up my guitar and play basic rhythms for most songs with ease. I enjoy singing karaoke and have been told that I have a good singing voice. I am also good at figuring out people’s emotions and deciphering expressions on people’s faces. If something is wrong, I usually sense it, which I feel makes me interpersonally intelligent, being able to have a sense of what someone is thinking or feeling. Knowing how I feel about something and why I react to certain events in life is also something that I do. I am not afraid to go inside myself to find life’s answers, journaling and processing my emotions, making my intrapersonal intelligence solid. Linguistic intelligence is one of my best skills. I love writing, doing crossword puzzles, talking about different subjects, and reading.

Changes in how intelligence is perceived affects me in both a personal and professional way. I am now more self- aware of my different intelligences and have understood myself better. I do not try to be something that I am not, i.e. pretending to be a stellar map reader and mastering a compass. I also understand my partner better, realizing that spatial and naturalistic intelligence is my partner’s strength, which is why we sometimes see things differently.

Professionally, when I work with people in the future, I will recognize that co-workers have different emotional styles and intelligences, this awareness helpful when conflicts and issues occur. If I am ever a supervisor, I will to put people where their strengths lie. For my future profession, I want to make sure that I pick a career that incorporates my intelligence.

Fortunately, professionals and researchers have found that multiple intelligences exist.
This information has transformed the way we view intelligences in academic institutions, the workplace, and in people’s personal life. The concept of multiple intelligences has also changed the way that I perceive my personal and professional life. I intend on using these new intelligences perceptions to my advantage.

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