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A good leader is an individual who possesses a strong focus and dedication to his or her craft and the objectives that have been established. It is important to identify the qualities and characteristics of a good leader in order to demonstrate a high level understanding of how these tools and resources impact productivity and progress within a group. A good leader possesses sound and ethically driven principles that have an impact on his or her performance and overall commitment to the group. In addition, a good leader is able to exercise flexibility and demonstrate his or her skills and characteristics to the group under a variety of different situations, including those which impact other team members.

A good leader is able to provide an example for others to follow and to recognize how to best approach any type of solution with a strategy in place to achieve the necessary outcomes. Therefore, a good leader is capable of making a difference within a group and to be proactive in working towards a set of solutions that will have a positive and lasting impact on the group as a whole.

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My innate leadership style is transactional in nature; therefore, it requires my commitment to making the most of the individuals within my group and in maximizing their individual performances as best as possible. This requires my acknowledgement that maintaining the flow of the group is of critical importance and conveys the need to evaluate the performance of each member and what he or she brings to the group. In this context, it is my responsibility to make the most of each team member’s performance in order to promote an effective environment for change. I believe that with a transactional approach to leadership, I would be able to make significant progress; however, this also requires my full understanding of what the group expects of me in this capacity and what I expect of them.

A transactional leadership style may be limiting in some ways because it reflects somewhat of an authoritative approach that some may find difficult to accept. Therefore, this requires an examination of the leadership style more closely in order to effectively promote an environment where rigidity is not necessarily the best approach because it may alienate some individuals within the group. This is a difficult scenario to accept for some members; therefore, it must be addressed with an opportunity to improve the overall performance of the group and with the best interests of its members in mind. I believe that although I closely resemble a transactional leadership style, I must also examine other styles in order to determine if I am able to exercise a more dynamic approach to this process. For example, a transformational leadership style does not align with my current skillset; however, it is possible through my actions and decisions to improve the overall performance of the group and of each member in order to effectively promote a group environment where positive change and greater performance are possible for each member.

In a leadership role, I will be able to bring a high degree of honesty and intelligence that will support my personal and professional growth. This is an important step to take in a leadership role and to recognize my own skillset and how I will best contribute as the leader of a team in my future career. In this capacity, I must possess the confidence that is necessary to make a difference and to recognize how my skillset will facilitate a climate of trust within the team setting. With a transactional leadership style this may be difficult; however, it represents a need to further evaluate the conditions that will influence team members and my own leadership role. I believe that this process will support my own growth as a leader and my capacity to lead others in a successful manner.

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