Malala Yousafzai Nobel Lecture Analysis

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The speech by Malala is a powerful speech that touches on the wellbeing of the girl child education. The speech has an appeal to emotions on its audience. This appeal is brought by the way Malala explains the suffering that befalls the girl child. She mentions the killing of children, kidnapping and violations that girls face.

The speech also has an ethical background. Malala explains the violation of human ethics. She explains that other people have turned against their own. The rich only mind about themselves and ignore the suffering children. This act is against the human ethics which emphasize on moral coexistence.

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Finally, Malala raises some logical issues in her speech. She appeals to leaders to support child education to the fullest. She also brings out the logic on the importance of girl education. She explains that girls are similarly important as boys. She therefore expects all people to join hands in support of girl education.

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