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Subject: No textbooks

The semester is coming to an end and it has been quite an interesting learning experience. I have rarely attended a course in which the students were as engaged with class discussions as in this course. Recently, you invited the students to offer suggestions to improve the course for future students and I am accepting your offer.

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I believe the course textbooks should be eliminated because they have mostly become a formality and serve little purpose now. I have talked to many students and mostly of them relied on your lecture PPT slides to do assignments and prepare for the tests. They also felt the course textbooks served little purpose while also being a financial burden on them.

I have certain suggestions in mind which may further enhance students’ learning experiences. The assigned textbook readings could be replaced with news and scholastic articles that also incorporate latest events in the real world. Having no textbook will also give you more flexibility in designing the course curriculum. Eliminating the course textbook will also enhance the students’ goodwill towards the instructor and may inspire them to be more involved with the class lectures and discussions.

I believe it will be a great idea to seek other students’ opinion on this issue during one of the remaining class sessions. There may be certain other benefits I have not thought of and similarly, there may also be certain shortcomings that have escaped my attention. In the end, I thank you for your dedication and commitment to the students and for believing in all of us. I am sure the lessons and knowledge obtained in this course will serve me well in the real world.

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