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The issue of abortion is a complicated political argument. Abortion is described as a medical process of terminating pregnancy (Bailey, 2012). This is done before the end of the pregnancy period, and thus does not result in the birth of a child. Depending on the age of the fetus, different...

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The way you live is totally up to you. Simply make sure that your present lifestyle is not really hazardous to your health. Everybody will agree that it’s smart to be fully aware of what you actually do. It’s smart to be aware of how what you do affects the...

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We as a culture like very much to point to progress made, in terms of addressing a real issue, as being a kind of solution in itself. This seems to be the case with drunk driving, and how more severe laws have reduced the numbers of alcohol-related deaths. Certainly, tougher...

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Zakyah Basri’s essay on mercy killing uses a rhetorical question as a title: Euthanasia: Which M is It? Mercy or Murder? While this title treats the subject a bit simplistically, it reflects the essence of the debate on mercy killing: whether it is an act of mercy or a simple...

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The United States government has often been criticized for acting irrationally in the heat of the moment. This has frequently caused the government to attempt to back track on many of the laws and regulations that they have passed in order to right a situation that the government later determines...

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Blondes have more fun-or so the well known adage goes. What people may not know or understand though, is that blondes are also smarter. Being blonde gives one keen insight into the human condition, a more compassionate nature, and the ability to learn and retain vast amounts of information. Contrary...

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