Production And Sale Of Cigarettes

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The production and sale of cigarettes is one of the most controversial issues in the society today. Cigarettes are associated with various challenges in the society today, and this has subjected the reduction and use of the cigarettes into intense debates. The regulation of what people do in their leisure activities is very challenging and a very difficult task. This because there is an urgent need for people to enhance the quality of their lives as a practical way of enhancing various aspects of the society. The production and sale of cigarettes should be made illegal to safeguard the social, economic and health interests of the people in the society.

To enhance the health of the smokers, the production and sale of cigarettes should be made illegal. The components of cigarettes are very harmful to human health. There are various chronic health conditions that are associated with smoking of cigarettes. These conditions reduce the quality I the lives of t6eh smokers. Some of the common health conditions associated with the smoking of cigarettes include obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The smoking of cigarettes is also one of the major causes of organ malfunctions of these people which is one of the leading causes of death. The smoking of cigarettes can also lead to cancer in various parts of the bodies of the victims. There are other people that can also develop these medical conditions besides the smokers. This includes the passive smokers that are subjected to the cigarette smokers when the victims are engaged in their habit in public places. The best way to reduce the prevalence of these medical conditions is by banning the production and sale of cigarettes.

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Making the production and sale of cigarettes illegal can enhance the economic lives of the smokers. Most of the persistent smokers are likely to be engaged in addictive habits whereby they always have the urge to smoke before having stability in their emotional and cognitive perspectives. As a result, these individuals spend a lot of money and time in smoking the cigarettes to have the pleasure and relief that enhances their ability to perform their daily chores. The chronic medical conditions associated with the smoking of cigarettes is also associated with sophisticated medical procedures that are very expensive and may require the use of a lot of money to manage. Therefore, banning the production and sale of cigarettes can promote the economic and financial status of the people.

Banning the production and sale of cigarettes is elemental to the maintenance of environmental conservation initiatives. Smoking of cigarettes is one of the activities that contributes to the introduction of foreign substances into the atmosphere. This substance is toxic and hinders the environmental conservation initiatives because they cause various problems on the natural setup of the atmosphere and the health of the ecosystem. Reducing the quality of the atmospheric air through carbon and the smoke is irritating toe the people that inhale the air and the other organisms that use the air for their physiological activities.

To sum up, banning the use of cigarettes among the people is one of the most challenging tasks that can happen among the people. This is because the challenges that are associated with the control of the social and private lives of people. However, there is an urgent need to control the use of cigarettes in the society because of the associated social, economic, health and economic benefits for the victims and the society. Consequently, the most practical and realistic way of controlling the use of cigarettes is through banning their production and sale.

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