Satirical Essay

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It makes me laugh to think that you can stand there and say to me that you think we are alike. There is no possible way that we can be alike. You are considered to be nothing but trash. Your people are all lazy drunks who beat up their wives and children and never get a real job. You’re dumber than everyone else, and your grades prove that. You are always ready with an excuse why your clothes stink and you’re falling asleep in class. Just face it; you are such a lazy slob!

But yet you stand there, tears running down your face, telling me that you and I are just alike. I am nothing like you! So what if my mother has to get food stamps to feed me and my baby sister. No, I have no idea who my father is or why he left my mother. Maybe my father is a lazy drunk who did nothing for me, but I am nothing like you. I am not an Indian, or as you people like to say, a Native American. Do you realize how stupid it sounds when you call yourself a Native American? Who cares if your people were in America first! My people did not have a choice about coming here, but we make the best of it. We are African Americans, which is better than being what you are. At least we fight for our rights.

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You stand there and ask me why I tease and torment you. Why not? You think just because my people were discriminated against that you and I should be friends. That is about as good of an idea as Jeb Bush throwing a dinner party for President Obama. We are from totally different worlds, and we should keep it that way. Trust me when I say I am doing you a favor by kicking you down. It will help make you a better person. Look at what discrimination has done for my people: it has made us bitter, defensive and ready to kick others down at the drop of a hat. Welcome to the real world, my friend.

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