Syrian Refugee Crisis

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The current humanitarian crisis in Syria is the worst that has been experienced in the 21st century. The civil war currently taking place in Syria is termed as the worst and deadliest conflict that has been experienced in the 21st century (Al Jazeera). No one in the nation has been spared, from the men to the women and the children. More than 465,000 Syrian nationals have lost their lives because of the civil war (Zetter and Ruaudel 6). In addition, over a million have suffered injuries, while twelve million Syrians have been rendered homeless (Berti 48). Statistics show that over half of the population has been displaced from their homes, and this shows the impact of the civil war (Farques). The refugee crisis in Syria is one of the major concerns of the European Union and the world as well (Mullen). For the families that are still in Syria, they are aware that their lives are at risk every minute (Heisbourg 13). Around five million Syrians are now refugees, and reside in other nations (World Vision Staff).

Most of the Syrian refugees have gone to the close-by nations in the Middle East. Some of these nations include Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt (Aras and Mencutek 193) (Düvell 12). A very small portion of the refugees, about 10%, has managed to flee to Europe (World Vision Staff) (Carrera). Turkey has the largest number of Syrian refugees, with close three million (Akgündüz et al.), while Lebanon harbors over million (Dionigi 21). Jordan has 655,404 and Iraq has provided a home for 228,894 refugees (Mercy Corps). Out of every four individuals in Lebanon, one of them is a Syrian refugee, and out of every 10 individuals in Jordan, one of them is a Syrian refugee. Nations such as Germany have opened their borders to the Syrian refugees (Ostrand 255), and such decisions have sparkled numerous discussions and arguments amongst the public and the legislators in the nation (Holmes & Castañeda 15). In conclusion, it is the high time that the European Union and the rest of the world seeks a working and rather permanent solution to the Syrian refugee crisis, since dealing with the civil war has seemed to be quite difficult

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