The Nature Of Dance

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Dance remains one of the most versatile and beautiful creations of human beings. While the definition, as discussed below, may vary among different people, there are several attributes of dance that are correlated and that we cannot ignore. This paper will be discussing the various viewpoints on dance.

Among the most common attributes of dance is the fact that it involves a body movement. Actually, every quote that talks about the aesthetic value of dance mentions the fact that the body has to be in motion. The difference between this type of body movement and essentially that of walking is the fact that there is more to do with rhythm and an expression of an individual’s innermost feeling. As stated by Walter Sorell, “movement is the essence of life, dance is its ultimate expression.” This particular quote underscores the importance of movement in dance.

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A given similarity notable in most quotes on dance is the happiness and the beauty associated with dance. For most people, dance is entertainment. Alvin Ailey thinks that the central role of dance should be to entertain.

Conversely, there exist differences between how different people view dance. While it is conventional that dance involves movement, people such as Jose Limon believe that dance has to be intensely human and not just rhythmic movement of the body. If it deviates from that, then it becomes empty and pure mechanics or in some cases, gymnastic.

In my thinking and as stated above by Limon, dance should not be dance if it lacks life in it. The individuals have to enjoy whatever they are doing in that they connect to not only the song, but their dance reflects whatever is intrinsic to them and the allure of life itself.

Jose Limon was one of the most successful and famous dancers of the 20th century. His biggest accomplishment was introducing the Limon technique that is famous even today. Some dance schools teach the style. Among his most famous work, The Moor’s Pavane (1949), was based on Othello, a play by William Shakespeare.

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