University Assignment Reflection Paper

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From the vast variety of options, I have eventually opted for North Central University. This academic institution embraces sustainable infrastructure and resources that match my educational and professional aspirations. The core part of my self-concept and a key priority is to earn a doctorate degree.

What has attracted me from the first sight was the spirit of the University celebrating the unique value of diversity in education. This peculiarity unites the University staff and students into a close-knit community. Further core value is equity in education that guarantees inclusive representation of all the concerned stakeholders in the University life.

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Within the diverse community of like-minded people, I feel I will realize all my personal and professional aspirations. With the strategic emphasis on global projects, community experience and academic growth, I will use the infrastructure and the available resources offered by this educational establishment to develop into a globally thinking expert. As part of North Central University community, I will surely fulfill my academic and professional ambitions by cultivating my self-concept and shifting my personal priorities towards earning my Doctorate degree.

The journey towards this academic ambition will be full of challenges and hardships that will make me even more committed to the set goal. With this in mind, I feel that my primary task necessitates inner alignment with the values and the spirit of the University. According to the Bylaws of the University Board of Trustees, it is essential to adhere to diversity and the WASC Equity and Inclusion Policy. This guiding principle will lead me towards thinking in a nonconventional and creative way and boost my intellectual potential. The diversity of thought, action, and equity for all people designate the uniqueness of the educational journey with the Northcentral University. In the atmosphere of mutual respect and equality, I will progress towards high academic achievement along with my peers.

The synergy of various cultures and experiences among the students generates the multicultural environment rich in essential knowledge and skills that assume various perceptions and interpretations. Regardless of interpersonal differences and unique individual features, I feel that students of the Northcentral University are united in diversity. This realization makes me consider my doctorate project as indispensable part of this community and my personal contribution into the University’s development and growth. This will make me think as part and proactive contributor to the University’s community. In return, I will receive all the opportunities offered by this progressive educational institution.

As a qualified applicant, I possess sufficient competence to adhere to the Northcentral University’s model and mission. As a high academic achiever, I hold that the University’s status and accreditation corresponds to the internationally acknowledged academic standards. This acknowledgment is of utter importance in my choice of the right University for implementing my academic dream. Earning my Doctorate degree will eventually turn into a fascinating journey full of extraordinary experiences and impressions.

I much hope that my academic experience with the Northcentral University will boost my professional aspirations. As a future professional and leader in a chosen domain, I will effectively use the academic background and knowledge obtained in the University. The academic backing is of vital importance in keeping up with competition and maintaining competent as a lifelong learning. Therefore, I would like to highlight the final advantage of the Northcentral University that is the strategic focus on lifelong learning. All the highlighted features in this personal reflection explain why I have opted for the Northcentral University as a reputable and trustworthy academic establishment. With this in mind, I will have to overcome inner transformation to become an indispensable part of the Northcentral University community.

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