What Is The Importance Of Socializing And Networking With Your Peers?

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Networking with peers, especially during college years, is a source of social capital, new skills and, inevitably, new energy and motivation. Socializing with peers is not limited to the educational environment – many organizations dedicated to various hobbies, shared interests, and career aspirations constitute a high proportion of the new acquaintances among young people. Proved by many examples, networking has a potential to get into a circle of individuals you want to meet, to learn new competencies otherwise inaccessible, and receive or exchange resources for new projects, both in the human and material capital. It is a common belief that successful people got their recognition from a hard work and ‘made themselves’ by putting all energy and motivation into one job or project.

The truth is that regardless of the hours spent at the desk or in front of the computer, no person could not have achieved best results without some help of their social circle. The power of networking spreads wider that one could think because it has no timeframe and is uncertain to the point of being sometimes perceived as kind of a miracle. Famous entrepreneurs, inventors, writers, actors usually talk about their way up the career ladder crediting their networks that helped them in most relevant times. As an example, let’s imagine that Steve Jobs isolated himself from his peers and never talked to anyone about his ideas – would have he found perfect programmers, marketers, and designers for Apple? It is the constant communication of the interests and plans that can turn ideas into companies.

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People living, working or studying in the same environment or sharing the same interests can become one’s best brainstorming technique. Peers who can engage in a conversation about the topic and contribute to its development by sharing their ideas and opinions can become a foundation for an efficient team in the future. Groupmates can help with the courses and materials that can be challenging, roommates at the dormitory can become those friends who will teach about the new city, members of the themed clubs can inspire to proceed and excel at the topic of interest and this list can be continued infinitely. By maintaining meaningful relationships with peers, one arranges own opinions and learns how to interact with others in productive ways. Networking and socializing is a foundation for the soft skills that are needed for any job in the future and are very valuable in any young professional.

Communicating with peers gives many opportunities to grow both intellectually and emotionally. Surrounding yourself with people with different backgrounds, interests, specializations, opinions, and lifestyles are crucial for creating a secure network which will stay with you for decades. Having friends or acquaintances whose name you recall when you need advice or help is an invaluable asset to assist in every stage of life. Moreover, by offering expertise, viewpoint, and assistance to your network you establish an efficient mechanism of problem-solving. Social interactions are one of the core values of a healthy life in modern society since they make us happier, stronger, smarter and braver. Creating a network means breaking the imaginary walls put between people by many restrictions, both social and economic. The world where people unite to exchange their energy and resources seems to be a great place filled with fulfilled people. Therefore, it is important for young people who have just started their way into the compound life to appreciate others and their hearts and minds. By developing networks young people make a statement about their potential and are capable of inspiring, inventing and changing the status quo.

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