Windows 2012 Questions

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What is Network Load Balancing (NLB)?  Provide a practical example of when and where you would use it.

Networking Load Balancing (NLB) is primarily used when managing several servers into one, single virtual cluster consisting of the several clusters. The use of Networking Load Balancing increases the effectiveness of the cluster in terms of availability and scalability. Some practical examples of when and where Networking Load Balancing would be used is with Internet server applications, such as firewalls or virtual private networks (VPNs).

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What is Failover Clustering?  Provide a practical example of how it can be used.

A Failover Clustering is composed of several independent computers that are used in conjunction to increase the effectiveness of the cluster in terms of availability and scalability of particular applications and services.. These several computers are connected to one another via cables and software. Within the clusters, the servers are known as nodes. If one of the nodes in the cluster were to fail, the other nodes would activate to accommodate the failing node. This process is known as Failover Clustering.

What are Active Directory Certificate Services and why would we use them?
Active Directory Certificate Services, or AD CS, allow for custom services to be used for distributing and organizing public key certificates. These certificates are used to implement key public technologies.

What does Certificate Autoenrollment mean? Why would an organization choose to use or not use it?

Certificate Autoenrollment allows the manager of the computer network to set up certain settings that allow for automatic enrollment of certificates, fetching already issued certificates, and re-enrolling soon-to-be expired certificates without having to physically do each individual one. An organization would choose to do this to allow for more efficient updates to a system without having to manually manage the certificates for every operation. An organization may choose not to do this if they want to manually keep track of each certificate installed on its network.

What is AD RMS, how is it used, and how can it benefit an organization?

Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS) are used to implement a database server and an AD RMS management role. It allows for a test environment to be created before implementing a permanent environment. Organizations can benefit from AD RMS because of its ability to provide ultimate protection for information no matter the destination of the information.

What is the AD RMS Service Connection Point (SCP)?
The Service Connection Point (SCP) allows for identification of the URL that connects the Active Directory Rights Management Services to all other clients within the organization that are equipped with ADRMS. From this point, those clients will be able to work with the administrator in managing certificates in different aspects.

What are Active Directory Federation Services 2.1 (AD RSv2.1)?  When would an organization use them?  What other options are available?

Active Directory Federation Services 2.1 (AD RSv2.1) allow for identification of a federation within a secure environment. An organization would use Active Directory Federation Services when implementing a single sign-on based Web system. This will allow for efficiency within the organization so that the employees will not have to sign in to each program, if the organization requires that their employees work with multiple programs within one workday.

What is Claims-Based Authentication, and how is it used?
Claims-Based Authentication is used to create a secure environment for individual hosts of a computer when they sign in to a specific network. It is used to create a secure log in for a host if they are to move from multiple networks or there are multiple hosts.
What enhancements are there in DNS Security in Windows Server 2012?  Provide an example where DNS Security is beneficial.
An enhancement of DNS Security in Windows Server 2012 is its ability to better identify threats to an organizations security threats. Also, in conjunction, how to better handle said threats. An example of the benefit of having DNS Security is its ability to identify which threats to the service are the most harmful to the organization’s environment and then act on said threats with a level of security applicable to the harm level of the threat.
What are GlobalNames Zones, and why would you use them?
GlobalNames Zones are zones that enable the administrators of networks to complete evolve to DNS for any name resolutions. Organizations would use GlobalName Zones to create static-like global records with singular label names so that it does not have to depend on Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) technology.

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