Future Career

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Section I

My future career is Data, Information, Hardware and Software .The main aspect of my career is installation of computer hardware and software as well as management of data management systems for individuals and organizations (Weber, 2010). The application is dependent on the employers. The career has a wide range of other applications such as management of information systems and maintenance of computer systems, both for individuals and corporations.

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There is a big range of data that can be gathered for the career. The data is dependent on the particular application requiring data. For example, in the field of computer and software maintenance, the input data includes system performance and anticipated levels of performance. In the field of information and data management, the data is the assorted facts fed in to the computer system for processing (Weber, 2010). In the field of hardware and software maintenance, the data is the specifications for the available hardware and software and the required system output. It is important to have system requirements and specific needs of a person from hardware and software to determine the need for software installation. In the event where background data is not collected, software and hardware may be incompatible and therefore fail to perform the intended functions.

The information derived from data is dependent on the data and the processing subjected to it. Computer programs process data to produce information that correspond to the need of the user. For example, in the requirement for diagnostic information in computer maintenance, the output is a comparison between the required levels of performance and the current levels (Weber, 2010). The information where the system needs maintenance. In the case of data system management, the information is a function of organizational needs. For example, it can be in form of tables that are easy to understand or a prediction of future performance based on current trends. In the event of background compatibility tests, the information is a statement of compatibility or lack thereof and the reasons.

Section II
The software requirement is dependent on the application. In the field of Data, Information, Hardware and Software, there are many technological requirements. For example. A desktop computer is important because of the need for a high-performance computer and back up. For example, all software need to be stored in a secure location. In addition, it is important to have a laptop because of its portability and the occasional need to be mobile in the field. A smartphone is also important because it enables a person to have backup contacts and to access the internet when they need to (Jin, 2012). In addition, there are events where smartphones may be used to create portable hotspots for the laptop, especially when one is outside the range of Wi-Fi hotspots. A tablet plays the same role as a smartphone in many cases. However, it has a bigger display and easier input. Therefore, it can be used for demonstration as well as storage of data.

The input device requirements include visual input from the likes of cameras on laptops, smartphones and tablets, typing input using the touchpads on portable devices or keyboards on computers and laptops. Output devices are the display of all the above devices as well as printers when paper presentation is required. In addition, projection is relevant in events that require vivid presentations. For example, in the field of data and information system management in an organization. I am required to carry all the portable devices with me because they may be required at any time (Jin, 2012). There is no special technology that can be carried around on my car because the portability of the devices mean I can carry them anywhere on a backpack. In the event where I am installing hardware, I can have the required hardware delivered. However, I need an external storage device for the event where I need to transfer software installation to another device or on the event where I need to carry information on it (Jin, 2012). For example, a detachable hard disk drive or a flash drive are ideal.

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