The Reasons And Plans For Becoming A Nurse

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Every job is hard to complete but eventually it brings certain rewards. Also, every job requires compassion, motivation and professional ambitions for its fulfillment. There are several reasons I would like to become a nurse, and the primary reason for me is helping other people.

Since my early childhood, I had a dream to help other. The sense of participation and reward for what you do has never relieved me. Also, my parents strongly encourage to choose my future career, so that it would be enriching not only personally, but for the people around me. So, I decided to engage myself in a career, related to health. Becoming a nurse sounded the most outstanding option for me as I am highly motivated in my future aspirations. Thus, it’s my utmost ambition to become a professional nurse.

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As for me, a profession of nurse is high-minded and generous as you participate in the mission of fight of someone’s life and proper care taken. Also, it is the job that proliferates one’s traits. As a future nurse, I aim at improving my managerial skills as the role provides the options to manage other people. Besides, I would reshape my organization and communication skills as the work requires constant contact with others, both nursing team, and patients. As a stress-resistant person, I aim at pursuing such skills.

During my previous studies, I have taken some courses related to my professional career. Since my high school years, I aimed at pursuing a career in that field. I’d love to contribute to the healthcare system and become a member of the society who can give back to the community and provide to others. With all the reasons mentioned above, I believe that becoming a nurse will be a perfect option for me.

2. Future plans while working as a nurse
Regarding my future plans, I would like to engage myself in adult nursing. That particular role will provide me with plenty of opportunities for self-development and helping others.

As for me, working as an adult nurse has some privileges as the range of duties varies. I aim at working with old and young adults, so I get the sense of particular needs of different age groups. Besides, I aspire to work with individuals who face different heath conditions, both chronic and acute. In regards to duties, I would prefer to use caring, teaching, managing and plenty of other interpersonal skills to improve the quality of patients’ lives. I am aware of the fact of working under stressful conditions. I am ready to perform my best, both in hospitals, clinics, community setting or even provide 24-h care if needed.

My secondary option would be working as oncology nurse. In total, I have a 3-year experience of work in hospital setting as a certified assistant on oncology, curding and nursing home. So the work settings in that sphere will be familiar for me.

As a caring and compassionate individual with a commitment to helping others, I honestly believe that a future career is a well-suited option for me. In the future, I aspire to become either an adult nurse who will help people of different age upon their needs or specialize as professional oncology nurse. I hope to be able to deal with various health problems effectively and courageously.

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