Considerations in Online Marketing

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Marketing is defined as the commercial processes involved in promoting, selling and distributing a product or service in a given market (Kotler & Armstrong, 2012). Marketing can be done online as well as within real settings of humankind. In the recent past, online marketing has taken a new shape whereby marketers customize their information to suit their interests. For instance, Google, Facebook, and twitter advertisements are made with links, under which internet users are may utilise to make a follow up (give in to the advisements made). The aim of this paper is to discuss the technical and the ethical considerations one needs to put into account while advertising; accommodating advertisements with personal information.

Ethical considerations in providing personal information while marketing (invasion of privacy)
One of the most thoughtful ethical considerations involved in online marketing research is invasion of privacy. Online companies have an extraordinary ability to collect, store, and contest information relating to clients to an extent it can infringe on a customer’s right to privacy (Grossnickle & Raskin, 2001). On many occasion, the client is not informed the extent that the company has infiltrate into his life; they do think that the information produced is held private. This implies that the company uses the information to reach its targets to an extent an extent the client personal freedom is affected (Smith & Catalano, 1998). At times, the personal information produced may be twisted in a way that it matches the company’s interest (Kotler & Armstrong, 2012). Thus, one needs to take into account that a accompany may inverse one’s privacy to suit its needs.

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Technological consideration by providing personal information while marketing (scalability)
Scalability is a crucial aspect in marketing. Scalability can be defined to be the quality of being scalable (measurable) (Grossnickle & Raskin, 2001). This implies that scalability do take into account the extent under which the information has been covered; the population under which has accessed a given advert. When someone do releases his or her information to be used in marketing, he or she does consider this; He or she is to know to what extent his private information can be used (Kotler & Armstrong, 2012). This may be in correspondence with personal freedom. When many people know your personal information, the society will have discovered much about you hence to some extent you may be isolated depending on the magnitude of the information produced against you. Clients that personal information has been made public at times are paid intensively by companies so as to use the information for their selfish interests (Grossnickle & Raskin, 2001). The client will care no more to what extent his or her personal life has been used in this case. Therefore, one should always not believe all that is advertise via the internet unless he or she has a proof.

In conclusion, marketing is the engagement of promotions of good and services in the market in order to make consumers aware of products and services in the market. In the contemporary society, marketing is done online. Client’s personal information is at times made public; this implies that to an extent invasion of privacy is done. Ethically, one’s private information is made to suit a company’s needs. Similarly, there is a technological consideration that one needs to take into account; one needs to know to what extent (the population that has accessed his private) his personal life has been shared.

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