Do Advertisements Affect Consumers ?

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Lately, there have been plenty of discussions among those who are involved in marketing regarding the need of advertisement in product promotion. Even though some of the major companies already greatly benefit from receiving a great profit from their consumers, they still pay a lot of attention on their marketing strategies. Without an advertising, consumers would not find out about the product at some point. Thus, there is certainly a need for advertisements as they impact on consumers and their behaviors.

Whether one runs a smalls business or works for a great company targeted at product consumers, a question of advertisement arises quite often. Advertisement has served as one of the most effective marketing techniques aimed at catching consumer’s attention. The language of conveying the message to the target audience has been of the great importance. For instance, the definition of a target audience and its expectation is what matters to the marketers. An excellent evidence serves products aimed at kids. In other words, when an advertisement would be designed for kids, the message shall include the language understandable for both, parents and children. Also, it advertisement shall include bright visual elements that would provoke consumer’s attention. Besides, a product shall make some allusions to children. A great example of how the language is conveyed in the right way and is targeted at children is the cereal brand Chariot. The cereal market is mainly aimed at four to fourteen years old children. Thus, their considerations shall me taken into account as the most substantial (Lunzt). Also, the parental category also plays an important role as they are the ones to spend money on a product. And here comes branding. Cereal market uses double-standard message to attract these two categories. Besides presenting only a cereal, the emphasize in the language also lies into some other food types. For instance, people would have to buy “honey nut cereal” instead of plain cereal. Such a use of language proved to be an effective instrument in the marketing as in 2004 Chariot ended up in top three cereal companies.

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Besides, advertisement plays a paramount role in presenting an unknown product to a wider audience. For instance, the case in also relevant when a small business wishes to step into the market of big companies and be competitive, it has to use relevant marketing strategies that would include an advertisement.

Also, an advertisement seems to make some impressive effects on public. Through advertisements, consumers primarily learn about the product. It creates the informational effects similar to the one projected in the news. The informational function of an add plays a neutral role, as it does not make a consumer to necessary lean towards purchasing a product. It rather imprints the product in his or her memory. The facts are presented without a definite approval or disapproval from the side of consumers. It is meant to provoke curiosity and attention to the product. So, such a strategy may be considered as a useful tool for reaching out the audience.

The advertisement is tightly bound to the media. Often it is dependent on media representation of the product as it would be a determinant factor in decision-making from the customer’s side. Thus, to affect consumer’s advertisements are to establish a close contact with the media channels so that the product will be demonstrated numerous times to a wider audience. Also, such a strategy would help to create an effect of a reminder as the user will constantly come across the product, and the curiosity level would increase. The repetition and the informational function perfectly combine in that case and often result in the fact that a future consumer includes a product into a “to-do list” (Johnston). Here one can note that the advertisement plays an important role in targeting for a future customer.

In addition, advertisement serves as a great instrument for establishing loyalty among customers. Often, the behavior of consumers is divided between loyalty or alienation, depending on how the product appears to be in a reality. Also, some great scandals or product awards influence on consumers in either positive or a negative way. What is important to remember in that case, a consumer gives a credit of trust to a product only once. If It does not prove to be of a proper quality, then a consumer will most likely not buy a product once again. So, in that case, the function of the advertisement combines with the quality of a product and outcomes in the subjective attitude of a consumer to a product.

Another important factor in the affection to consumers is the emotional state of a user and the mood in which the message of an advertisement is addressed. In other words, the effective advertisement shall consider positive leaning of a product as well as a possible reaction towards it from the consumer’s side. There even might be some bias as the product will not necessarily prove to be of an exceptional quality.

To conclude, it’s worth emphasizing that advertisement plays a crucial role in the decision-making of a customer. Companies spend thousands of dollars on marketing and publicity, in particular. Some of the industries tend to spend almost a double as on product research. Thus, the advertisement appears to be a practical key to the target audience who is to consume a product.

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