How Does Unbounce Differ In Its Positioning Than HubSpot?

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To create effective landing pages, organizations need to use both Unbounce and Hubspot when creating landing pages. Unbounce is a popular platform that is mostly used by organizations while a Hubspot is the alternative platform. Notably, without any input of IT staff, marketers normally use the two platforms to build landing pages that are customized to optimize conversations. With the increasing use of mobile devices, Unbounce allows for the creation of landing pages that are fully responsive to any page visitor’s gadget.

Unbounce also differ from HubSpot due to the several advantages it offers to marketers. For instance, Unbounce platform has the ability to A/B test for a web page, which allows flexibility. In addition, this gives understanding into what can prompt web visitors to convert. Unlike HubSpo, Unbounce offers users a large creative, which is key in manipulating the style and look of landing pages that has a drag and drop content editor and a variety of high quality templates.

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It is important to note that Unbounce can be integrated with most of the popular communications and CRM platforms such as Salesforce, Mailchip and interestingly HuSpot. Users can also access significant statistics of their web pages through Unbounce such as impressions, page views and click through rate. The Unbounce platform is also easy to use since it is clean. For instance, it is easy to locate ‘Create New Page’ button and has an intuitive drag and drop options.

On the other hand, HubSpot does not have the drug and drop option, but its landing pages can be identified in the menu item. Although creating a web page through HubSpot is straightforward as compared to Unbounce, marketers should have a vision of how they want their page to look by selecting an appropriate template. Furthermore, HubSpot does not allow marketers to manipulate or switch templates without beginning from scratch.

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