Knowing Your Audience and Communication

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Communication is a crucial process among a group of people because it assist in the transmission of information from one person or group of people to others. There are various factors that are used in enhancing the communication process and ensuring it is effective. The channels of communication and the formulation of the messages is also very important towards ensuring that communication is successful. Strategic consideration of the target audience is also very essential by addressing their needs and expectations during the communication process (Christians & Merril, 2013). In a case of an occurrence of a disaster, people must understand how to deliver a message and the dynamics that surround the delivery of a message.

On August 20, 2010, there occurred a collapse in one of the copper mines in Chile. As a result, roughly 33 people working in the scene were trapped in the disaster (Frankline, 2010). The manner in which the message was delivered to the public is a typical manifestation of the lack of communication moral and ethical standards because the ultimate effect of the message to the audience was not taken into consideration. The issues surrounding the disaster were very sensitive, and the information regarding the calamity should have been handled with a lot of care because of the damage that it would cause to the public.

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In this case, the public was the audience of the message. Therefore, the strategic consideration of the audience was essential for the release of the information. The members of the public have various interests towards any calamity that occurs because the public consists of numerous groups of people of various social and cultural orientations. Consequently, because of the needs of the audience and the social and economic impacts of the calamity, the delivery of the message would have been customized to accommodate the needs of all interested people (Christians & Merril, 2013).

One of the special groups of people in the audience includes the family members of the workers who were involved in the mining. This group consists of people who are very close to the victims because of they are in their intimate social cycle. These people have a special attachment through the social and psychological configurations of nature to the victims (Christians & Merril, 2013). Therefore, anything likely to affect the wellbeing of the victims is likely to affect the emotional stability of these people. The family members may also have a lot of dependence in these individuals through the social, economic and psychological comfort they offer to their lives. Therefore, the social and psychological impact of the message on these individuals was essential in the formulation and delivery of the news regarding the disaster to the family members.

The other employees of the company also present a special group of people that whose interests should be taken into consideration in the delivery of the news. These individuals are also very close to the victims, and they also depend on the company for their economic comfort and their families. Therefore, these individuals are very keen to anything that concerns their company and their colleagues (Christians & Merril, 2013). In the mine collapse case, the other workers also have numerous needs that include the importance of getting psychological and emotional comfort for the occurrence of the calamity.

There are various actions that should be advanced before and after the delivery of the message to ensure that the message achieves that intended purpose. The emotional needs of the audience are one of the most elemental factors to be accommodated in the communication process. The comfort of these individuals must be promoted in the process. The likely impact of the message on the audience must also be taken into consideration. One of the best ways to achieve this is through using ways that are likely to reduce the damage that can be caused by the message as one of the practical ways of reducing further damage (Christians & Merril, 2013). The communication must also be procedural and ethical to safeguard the integrity to humanity through appreciating the emotional configuration of human beings.

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