Life Achievements Essay

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The developments that occur in life depend on various aspects in the society. Starting from birth through all stages of development, the social, cultural and economic interactions that an individual encounters are very crucial towards shaping his future. The development of various aspects of my life has not been different from the norm. I have been through numerous experiences that have been very elemental in building my character and dictating my future aspirations. The development of my character and objectives in life is closely tied to the atmosphere in which I have thrived.

The experiences have also inspired me towards the achievement of my dreams and have assisted me in keeping focus on greater aspirations. My presentation will start with me speaking about my past and what I have learned from my experiences; later on I will talk about my future goals and their importance to my life. To conclude I will carry on with how I can achieve these goals because they are very elemental towards defining my future success as they are part of my strategic plans in my life.

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My past is been influential in my life. My past experiences have assisted in planning form my future events. The activities that I was involved in the past have formed a critical foundation on which my present and future is embedded. Looking at my past, I am able to reflect on the occurrences and assess whatever happened in these events in order to enrich my future aspirations. It is through these evaluations that I am able to establish the points on which I made mistakes and improve on these situations to improve the chances of success in the future. Consequently, this has my past has assisted in improving the quality of my life.

In that regard, I established various aspects on which I need to improve from my past so as to avoid the mistakes that led to my failure in certain cases. For instance, I have identified various situation that hindered optimization of my opportunities in high school. If I could have identified these factors much earlier, I could have performed better in my high school endeavors. However, the activities in which I was involved have assisted in building my character and enhancing my capabilities. For instance, my involvement in in community service in the past has made me very proud. The activities have enhanced my social abilities and improved my leadership skills through interacting with people of various cultural backgrounds. These experiences affirmed my interest through engaging the development of my short-term and long-term goals.

In order to engage and direct my dreams in the right direction, I have been able to set myself short-term and long-term goals. These goals are very essential in assisting me keep focus on my ultimate achievements. At the moment, I have set my attention on my short-term goals. My major short-term goal is to successfully acquire my college studies in the field of my interest. On the other hand, my long-term goals includes establishing a strong and big social network that can assist in promoting my business aspirations.

Setting my plans early enough is very essential. The plans will assist me struggle in order to live top my expectations. In the next five to ten years, I have a dream of establishing a very big business. Setting up a business will be very critical towards stabling my goals in the long run. I aspire to be a global businessman with corporate entities across the world. Consequently, starting up a business will be very essential towards defining my success though putting my goals in the right perspective.

My makeshift goals are very instrumental in facilitating the eventual goals with the required momentum. The short-term goals form a basis on which the ultimate goals are achieved. These are the initial steps that will mark the journey of my success. Successful attainment of the short-term goals will build my mental courage through motivating me to more adventure in the future. These goal will assist me not to deviate from my course and will also give some points of correction to enhance the quality of my future.

Studying at Whither College will be very essential towards establishing these goals. The sophisticated educational facilities in the college and the resourceful personnel can increase the quality of the education that I can acquire. The enabling atmosphere in the college that reflects cultural diversity can assist me in enhancing my social perceives and increase my social network and thus inspiring my future goals. Of establishing myself as a global businessman. In order to enhance the quality of my skills, I will apply the theoretical perspectives I learn in the college in practical; situations through undertaking strategic internships in the summer breaks. My active involvement in business during these breaks will enhance my educational and professional development and thus stimulate my aspirations through building confidence in me to undertake my aspirations.

In conclusion, my aspiration of being a successful business man in the future is firmly on progression. My past and present experiences are very essential in the development of my objectives. I am very keen to identify my past and present mistakes in order for them to assist me in acquiring my future goals. These experienced have shaped my life through exposing me reality. Therefore, developing my social and cultural perspectives form my past, and present experiences is very essential in affirming my ultimate goals.

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