Life Struggle

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Life is not a bed of roses and there is quite a lot of truth to it. But many people discover this fact only after they have grown up for they are protected by their parents from the harsh realities of the world for most of their young life. But I discovered the harsh realities of life at quite a young age for my father passed away in a car accident when I was only five. My elder sister was only eight while my youngest brother had yet to come into this world. Thus, not only I was forced to become an adult at an early age but even a father figure to a sibling who had not yet come into this world.

A child may be immature but he is not immune to different sets of emotions. When I would see others with parents or hear stories of their adventures arranged by their parents, I would often ask god why I had to be deprived of those even though I had done nothing wrong. This despite the fact that my mother would often say she could not have asked for a better son and unlike other parents who would complaint about their problem child, my mother never had to utter a single complaint about me. When circumstances are difficult, they force you to grow even if unwillingly. Even as a young child, I was subconsciously aware of the fact that I might never have a father figure but had to act as one for my younger brother. I had to make sure I help him become a productive member of the society.

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I am proud of my strong faith now but this doesn’t mean I didn’t struggle with it. But at the end of the day, I found no one more reliable than god to complain to as well as seek strength from. But no matter how many questions I asked, I always found an answer in my faith. It’s as if god was there watching out for me even if I was not aware of it. But in high school, I finally realized god wanted me to grow up by making me go through difficult times for a reason.

Young people are often careless due to lack of life experiences and immaturity. They tend to underestimate the risk they usually take. Most of my friends as well as significant number of other students started engaging in risky activities such as smoking, underage drinking, and some even went as far as experimenting with casual drugs. As a result, their studies suffered. As I looked around myself, I realized I would have been doing the same things were it not for the greater appreciation for life I had developed. I knew more than most of my friends that actions and events are rarely without consequences.

I still wish my father was alive but I also know he is watching over me from above. Through my experiences, I have also learnt that god’s way of showing love is not always apparent and may even be tougher but there is always a reason which sometimes reveals itself over time. Had I not gone through the experiences, I would not be this mature and probably not even this motivated to do well in life. Once a person has seen a difficult life, there is only room for improvement. I am determined to make up for everything I missed as a child and I have greater confidence that my fate lies in my hands as compared to many of my counterparts. Similarly, I am also determined to do something for the unprivileged members of the society because after all, who can understand their struggles better than me.

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