Midnight Express Part 4

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The five types of advertising that I feel will be most appropriate to reach, influence, and generate emergence within my market are signage, advertisements online, notices in the post, and notices in the paper. Signage on the tubes will allow those who are waiting and not reading newspapers to be made aware of the product. Those that are reading the newspapers will see the advertisements that way, and those that are on tablets and phones will be able to see the advertisements online. Notices in the post will allow those that are not using public transportation and are not up to date on their news to still be able to be made aware of the service.

There are no suppliers of my product, as I am providing a service. The hours of operation I provide will influence my customers to choose my service.

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I will be able to build awareness of the service that I am offering through a combination of word of mouth advertisement and general advertisements like those described above.

The interdependencies present between advertising types will serve as a means of reinforcing the message due to their convergence in certain locations, like on the tube or on the bus. The interdependencies that will reinforce the message are those that are present between longer working hours, the decreased presence of the nuclear family, and the increases in career paths.

The most expensive form of advertising will be those placed on the tube and on other forms of public transportation, however there is a great value for the money present in this due to the amount of potential customers that will be reached as a result.

I want customers to act interested and surprised that such a service exists when they see the advertising. I also want customers to act curious enough to follow up on the service as a result of the advertising campaigns themselves.

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