My Challenge

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Human beings are exposed to various situations in their daily endeavors. The situations present numerous challenges to us. Most of these situations require us to make various decisions in order to suit the requirements of the situations while addressing the interest of the society. In my life, I have also been engaged in numerous activities that have tested my moral and ethical courage. The circumstances that lead me to these situations are very challenging and require courage and wisdom to undertake. The challenges have affected my social, cultural and spiritual life. However, the challenges have made stronger because they test my ability to handle certain situations.

The biggest challenge in my life is about my social life. Peer pressure has affected my personal life in numerous ways. My friends and colleagues present the peer pressure. One of the factors that predispose me to the peer pressure is my personality. I am a very social individual characterized with the ability to advance various forms of interactions and collaboration from various types of people. This characteristic has exposed to various risks associated with my personal character and values.

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One of the factors that are very elemental to my socialization is the nature of the people meets. Most o0f my friends and colleagues are from various cultural backgrounds. These individuals have various cultural and social orientations. Most of their values and my values differ significantly. The diversity of cultures in our interactions presents a very big gap that leads the development of a barrier in our social activities. This is because the disparities limit the level of interaction and engagement we can have. The barriers have also heightened the gap between us. Besides the cultural differences, our ethical and moral values are very different. The differences are created by our personal beliefs in accordance to certain situations.

The biggest challenge from out associations is the influence that we over each other.in most situations, my colleagues try to influence me to do things that are contrary to my beliefs and values. This is a very challenging task because we have very many areas of contact with my friends and colleagues. We spend most of the time together as we perform our daily engagements. Consequently, avoiding doing what they do is a very puzzling task for me. On the other hand, if I engage in the activities that they do, I will be going against my wishes.

In order to attain a certain a certain level of satisfaction, I am forced to avoid most of my friends. I avoid them when I have a fear of being presented by a situation that can compel me to compromise my moral and ethical beliefs. However, it is not an easy task to avoid these friends. This is because, in most circumstances, the nature of our interactions is mutual. We perform various constructive activities together that assist us to improve our professional development. Consequently, avoiding those means that I will be going against the principle of collaboration and mutual progression. Some of my friends criticize my actions and brand me uncooperative.

Therefore, my moral principles and beliefs assist me make decisions in my life. They form the foundation on any activity that I perform. These are the aspects that dictate the formation of perceptions and attitudes. However, the difference in values in my friends has made encounter numerous ethical and moral dilemmas in life. This is because my friends try to influence me to do things that are contrary to my doctrines and standards.

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