My Future Career Essay Sample

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My future career is bound to be defined by the place I come from – the place where people focus on the existence of oil; a place, in which oil defines numerous aspects of life. Oil is one of the primary undeniable sources of energy on the planet as it provides one of the most efficient solutions of producing energy. I believe it is due to my background and homeland environment that I acquired a desire to be an environmental engineer.

As far as my future is concerned, I would like to educate younger generations regarding the importance of being environmentally friendly on a daily basis. As far as my future work place is concerned, I would like to work in Masdar, which is famed for its environmentally friendly policy. The company is situated at Abu Dhabi, UAE. When being employed there, I would like to created cutting edge technologies and find out ways for helping the environment, so that the latter would become a better place.

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Despite my hobbies being different from activities I would like to be involved with in the future, I believe I could still use them to my advantage, so that I could develop my career further. For instance, I could use social networking sites to post information or merely update people regarding the events in the sphere of environment, events that threaten it, and actions aimed at mitigating harmful influences on nature and its inhabitants. I could also make good use of my photography skills to take pictures of sites before and after. I am really excited to get ready for my future career and experience different ways in which I could use them in the future.

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