My Trip in Europe

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Three years ago in the summer the trip we had to Europe was one of the most interesting in my life. This was a family and we went together with my parents, my sister and my three brothers. Some of the places we visited include Netherlands, Paris and Germany. The trip exposed us to various socio-economic aspects of the world. We also visited various tourist and entertain centers across the three places during our vacation. Above all, the trip also exposed us to various cultures because of the interactions that we had with the people.

Germany is a very beautiful country, varied with a very attractive culture. There are numerous travel opportunities and destinations that are very attractive. The countryside is covered with very beautiful forests and landscapes. During our trip, we various places in Berlin and Munich. Berlin is one of the most interesting places in Europe. Berlin has a culturally diverse atmosphere which is manifested in the vibrant mix of art, music, fashion and design in the city. In Munich, there are numerous museums that we visited during our visit. One of the most striking places that we visited was the Museum Island.

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We also had a stopover at the marvelous East Side Gallery where we saw various paintings from various global artists that are displayed on Belin Wall. We also went shopping to the most fabulous avenue in the city. Munich is one of the most livable cities in the world. In the cosmopolitan city, we experienced an impressive architecture with various castles, parks and museums. The cultural sports and fashion culture in the city was amazing. We visited one of the most entertaining museum in the globe, Deutsches Museum.

In Paris, we had a very good experience for the places that we visited. We were subjected to a lot of brimming romance, style and culture. The Eiffel Tower was the first that we visited. This is one of the places that wax unavoidable for our visit. The construction of the tower is looming. The buzz and the energy surrounding the tower were just amazing and was worth the time. We also visited the palace of Versailles. This place is very astonishing. It gave me one of the most memorable moments for the trip. The gardens that are within the palace just blew up mind with the natural and beautiful experience. On our final day in Paris, we visited the Disneyland Paris. This is a recreation and holiday resort in which we experienced very high levels of relaxation. This place gave us the opportunity to be very happy with our parents. Paris’ culture is characterized with high levels of diversity because of the availability of people of various racial and ethnical backgrounds from across the globe.

In our visit to Netherlands, we also visited various places. We visited the wonderful canals in the country and picturesque windmills. The very attractive filled with flowers were also some of the places we visited. In Amsterdam, the zillions of bicycles are very attractive. A rich culture and art in Amsterdam from various parts of the world makes very seductive and interesting. The numerous white bucks in the country were very attractive to us. We also visited the Hoge Veluwe National Park. We were subjected to a lot of nature in the park. We also experienced numerous attractive geographical formations and dense woodlands in the outskirts of Amsterdam. The regional differences in Netherlands have influenced the cultural alignment in the city. The influx of immigrants in the city has also put massive influence on the cultural configuration of the city.

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