Persuasive Speech On Final Exams

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Topic: Final Exams
Purpose: To persuade

Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to take final exams seriously and prepare for them well.

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Thesis: My audience be aware that final exams is the final point of the whole study process and requires a serious preparedness from students. Therefore, students shall spend enough time for studying and prepare for these exams really well, so that they can pass them afterwards.

Attention Step
I.) [Attention Getter] Everyone has those days that they feel like there are some many interesting things to do, but not study. If you ever felt the same, then you probably know what a procrastination is. However, studying for exams requires a lot of time and preparation, therefore the word procrastination shall be forgotten.
A. When you spend hours and hours on Facebook or other social netwoks, do you feel guilty then?
B. Imagine how you would feel if you finished everything on time and spent enough time for studying.
C. Your whole day would be changed with the different routines that you would enjoy,
D. The worst part of all is to see that everyone is studying for final exams but not you.
E. If someone pointed you out and said that you need to study for finals, would you do that?

II.) [Credibility Statement] Each day a student should spend at least eight hours for studying
At the same time, no social media should be allowed.
You can block your social media links, so that you will be more focused on your studies during the day.
A well-designed strategy is the way to prepare for these exams.

III.) [Topic Justification] A majority of young people and students in particular get especially distracted during the period of their final exams.
It is best reflected in the poor results
IV.) [Preview Statement] I want you to study more and more during the times when it seems like impossible because then you will really experience positive results.

Problem Step
I.) [Statement of Problem] Final exams comprise the most complex time for students who particularly struggle during the year
A. Students don’t study enough during the school year.
B. They also don’t take finals into sufficient consideration.

II.) [Extent and Seriousness of the Problem] Having done the survey, I can claim that finals is the serious problem for many students.
A. A significant amount of students neglect finals and then do poorly in the end of exam period.
B. Students also don’t pursue healthy lifestyle during the exam period, too.

III.) [Audience Involvement] When I asked the class “How many of you do poorly in the finals”, 75% of you said that you face that issue.
Not only do a majority of you know that it is an issue, 60 % of you feel stressed during that period.
However, only 25% of you have studied sufficiently for the final exams.

Solution Step
I.) [Evaluation of Proposed Alternative Solutions] As a class you identified final exams as an issue to tackle. Therefore, a viable solution should be designed.
A. Students should plan their day and study enough before the exam period comes
B. However, there are problems with time management, that should be also tackled.
2. In addition, students should be ambitious and think of the exams as their chance to improve the knowledge in the certain area.

II.) [Statement of Solution] The best way to prepare for finals is therefore to manage your time and energy in the proper manner.

III.) [Explanation of Solution] There are several ways how this objective may be reached:
First, you need to get enough sleep and study in the balanced way during the day.
B. Second, you need to eat healthy food, as your body needs more energy during the exam period.

IV.) [Illustrate/Demonstrate Effectiveness] The most efficient way to prepare for finals is to study during the whole semester
A. A Studying throughout the semester will also help you to reach the target of being prepared for the exams during the given time.
1. It makes students realize how to become deadline-oriented individuals in the future, too.

V.) [Refutation] Those who don’t know how to manage their time and prepare for the exams on time, should look at their colleages and learn the best practices from them.

Visualization/Projection Step
I.) [Positive Visualization] You can make a difference for others if you do well in your finals, as others will learn from you.
II.) [Negative Visualization] If you continue to procrastinate, you will do poorly on your exams.

Conclusion/Action Step
I.) [Summary] Today I have tried to persuade you to prepare for your final exams
A. First, I talked about the growing inherency to do poorly in your exams period
II.) [Action Step] Next time that you are complaining about final exams, think of what you could have done differently.


Major Premise: If a person doesn’t understand the necessity to prepare for final exams, she will do poorly.
Minor Premise: My classmates prove that final exams are complicated for them.
Conclusion: A viable strategy should be designed to tackle that time.

Audience Analysis
How many of you guys do poor in the finals?
Majority of the people
How many of you feel stressed in the finals?
About 90%.
How many of you guys haven’t studied for finals yet?
How many of you guys have the strategy for studying in the finals?

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