Techniques Germans Used to Become Successful in the Second World War

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German’s World War II techniques sprang from Adolf Hitler, who was the country’s autocratic leader and made several of all major decisions for German (Weinberg 74). During Hitler’s reign, German was mainly the aggressor with Hitler taking the initiative in the start of World War II to pick the time to attack and the place to carry out the attack. German used the fundamental principle of offensive doctrine to destroy the enemy by encircling it. According to Weinberg (125), the objective of the principle is to attack and push the armored forces and the infantry into a decisive situation against the enemy by employing significant fire power and shock. Various techniques used during the war enabled German to become successful during the World War II and defeat its enemies during the war before the Allied forces finally defeated it.

Trevor-Roper (56) argues that Germans used the military tactic called “Blitzkrieg”. The technique was used by the Nazi party which involved attacks on both air and ground. Bombardments was mostly used to deter and prevent the enemy country from putting a lot of concentration on its forces. Military armors would be pulled together in big columns. The military armored equipment would then attack the enemy military line at weak points and break through due to the powerful local superiority. The military warfare tanks would then spread out dispersing the military forces of the enemy even more (Trevor-Roper 89). The German military would then conquer the enemy and destroy command points ammunition stores, and military artillery positions. The attack on front lines from behind would also continue. The technique would make it impossible for the enemy to defeat the front line troops to deliver a coordinated resistance on the coming and attacking infantry moving forward on a board on a front. During the initial phases of the war in Europe, the technique helped German dominate most of Western Europe.

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According to Weinberg (45), Hitler successfully used the technique of employing one front at a time against its enemies to avoid high magnitude of resistance for his forces. The technique was carefully drafted by Hitler to avoid conflicts with several countries at a time. He ensured that Germany was not to be the enemy of the whole world and only the most dangerous enemy was to be identified and hit hard with a lot of fire and concentration. The strategy helped Germany to concentrate on only one enemy thus avoided getting into confrontations with several other nations. Hitler carefully avoided war on two fronts even after invading Poland (Weinberg 68).

Germany encouraged the Japanese supremacy in the Pacific. Weinberg (138) reports that the technique used was to minimize the influence of the United States and its ability in the Atlantic and in Europe. Germany wanted the United States’ attention to be diverted to the Pacific so that Germany could dominate and employ its strategies in Europe. German believed with the neutralization of Britain and the United States, she was able defeat Russia and acquire the all occupied European Russia, which was the most desired goal for German.

German had well trained personnel who designed and assembled war equipment and aircraft. German had the “rocket team”, which developed the “buzz bomb” which was an automatic aircraft and the ballistic missile that was used by German to crush down on its enemies (Trevor-Roper 126). The team that developed the equipment were highly skilled. They advanced the technology used in science rocketry which was pioneered by Nazi Germany.

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