Your Future Career – Data, Hardware and Software

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Section 1

Accounting is mainly concerned with preparation, updating and maintenance of financial documents. The chief responsibilities in accounting include preparation and analysis of financial documents, ensuring compliance of the existing laws in financial matters and compute taxes owed by people and ensuring they are paid on time (Siegel & Shim, 2010). In addition, there are elements of inspection of book of accounts and keeping them updated, organizing and maintenance of financial records, looking for means to improve efficiency where money is concerned, making recommendations on best practices to the management (Siegel & Shim, 2010). Suggesting ways to enhance revenues and reduce the costs of operations and provision of auditing services to businesses and individuals when the need arises are also duties of accountants.

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All financial data is highly sensitive. Therefore, there is a requirement for high levels of efficiency in accounting. Data, facts entered in a computer, ranges from incomes to tax rates. Tax relief entitlement, financial statement, mode of housing and family status are also important data when computing the amounts of taxes payable by an individual. Different outcomes of accounting dictate different types of data entered in a computer (Siegel & Shim, 2010). The example above shows the data requirements when an accountant is computing the taxable amount for an individual. When looking for means to increase financial efficiency of an organization, the required data is the inputs of the organization in all fields, the actual income generated by the field and the projected income. The capital investments and the secondary importance of the areas subjected to an efficiency audit are also date inputs.

Information is data that has been subjected to processing. Information has real application and can be understood by all people, even with no accounting training. For example, in the event of calculation of taxes, the information is the actual amounts of taxes payable by a person after all considerations (Williams, 2013). In the event of an audit to increase efficiency, the information is the output that shows inefficient and ways to correct them. In the event of an audit, after data is subjected to processing, the information is the inconsistencies in financial records and the sources of the inefficiencies.

Section II
Technological advancement and the need for work outside the office requires a laptop because of portability. The specifications of the laptops are dependent on the software requirements in accounting. For example, if the software require high speeds of processing, the laptop needs to have the required processing ability. It is also important to consider the memory specifications because accounting sometimes requires space for vast amounts of data (Williams, 2013). Smartphones are also important in accounting due to the need to create a professional impression and store important data on the phones.

For example, the ability of smartphones to create contact backup on the internet protects an accountant from the potential effects of a lost phone. In addition, in the event where an accountant is required to have mobile internet connectivity or take notes, they need to have tablets because of their battery lives, portability and ease of use. The input devices are the laptop keyboard, scanning machines in the office, cameras for image input and touchscreens in smartphones and tablets (Williams, 2013). Output devices include the display of all the devices and printers in the office. An accountant is required to carry a smartphone, a laptop and a tablet where there is need for outdoor activity. Due to the increasing need for mobility, especially for auditing accountant, it is important to have GPS in a car to locate new places (Williams, 2013). In addition, it is important to have a printer at home in the event where an accountant needs to work from home. A home internet connectivity is also a requirement.

The most important software is Microsoft office because it has is a software package that has useful components. For example, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Access and Excel are very important to accountants. In addition, the need for security means that a good firewall is crucial for protection against unauthorized access to my computer. Other software is dependent on the employers.

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