Admission into New York University Medical School

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A medical school admission letter is a well-crafted document that explains one’s individual drive and interest in pursuing a medical degree as long as summarizing the skills and qualifications that support the claim for success in medical school. A medical school admission letter is best presented as a document that details a personal account that explains why one intends to study to earn the privilege to work as a medical doctor within the medical profession, and why such an endeavor is an important goal. Medical schools of prestigious and non-prestigious medical sub disciplines and programs will turn down a very intelligent applicant, who looks great on paper academically, for an individual with average grades, for instance, that is willing to work for a noble cause such as Doctors without Borders.

A good practice is to think of what the Code of Medical Ethics will mean to your practice throughout your profession. Medical ethics and ethical behavior as a general organizational practice is now a very important topic in medical schools that impacts how a medical school department will view new applicants. Those whom speak to medical ethics as a guiding point of their career will have an advantage over those who do not. However, it is not advised to speak of medical ethics and such topics as Internal Review Board research ethics if one is not intending on honoring the ethical guidelines that are inherent to the AMA’s Code of Medical Ethics.

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In conjunction to the AMA’s Code of Medical Ethics is The Hippocratic Oath, which is also a guiding measure of how one approaches the actual practice of medicine and the belief of how to treat the infirmed with or without medical equipment and westernized medical techniques. Admissions programs will assess such a response to what in their determination in whether each individual application does fit into the overall beliefs of the as a medical doctor. Also, having an intended specialty or sub discipline will show the applicant does have an idea of what may be the anticipated area of study. The applicant is best to state not just goals and objectives, in fact, stating goals and objectives may go against the applicant as just about every other applicant will likely state their goals and objectives in one way or the other which points to a first person point of view, or a condition of application that promotes the self over the community and over the medical profession.

The healthcare field and medical field as a function of the broader healthcare market are essentially under consolidation with the high and rising cost of receiving medical care in the U.S. Public and private healthcare costs are rising, and such costs are affecting the employment prospects of medical doctors within the U.S. Such information is important to the applicant in applying to a medical school because medical schools do not want an applicant who is in medical school for the money. If one is in medical school for the money but wants to sugar coat that fact, describing a childhood ambition of becoming a plastic surgeon or a cardiac surgeon will provide more traction to the application to the medical school. Describing an ambition or goal that is in the medical field that coincidentally pays more than a general practitioner or to which one can open their own practice and charge any price will work if the intent is not monetary based. However, it is not recommended to pursue a medical degree for the money, and the notion of aspiring to become a surgeon or similar simply for the money will lower the probability for admissions to favor those that have more considerable ambitions to assist the medical community at-large.

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