Heart Rate Monitor

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A wise man once said, a daughter’s first love is her father. A couple of years ago, I almost lost my dad. He was huge and a heavy smoker. At that time, I didn’t realize how bad it was to be obese and a heavy smoker. Besides I was only 9, from what I remember. One day we came to visit, and we saw the nurses and doctor running in. I wasn’t allowed in but a tiny bit of the door was open so I just peaked. I saw my dad laying on his bed and the nurses doing what they can do chaotically until the heart rate monitor stopped the same time the door closed. Something in me knew he would be alright and so I was right. After that day I knew that things in my father’s life and my life would change.

The heart rate monitor machine is a machine full of surprises. It reminds me of my life itself. The day my dad was back out, I couldn’t afford seeing my dad weak. I could not afford to sleep. I did not have appetite for food as well. All I could do was look at the pictures of my dad which were hung on the wall. Thoughts were rushing through my mind. I thought to myself; things will never be the same. I was afraid I would lose my backbone, my right hand, my dad. I was afraid I would lose his big heart that always took me in. I was afraid I would live with pity my whole life, and I would be looked at differently. Besides, I was only a kid.

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My dad has been very encouraging to all of us and he has helped us understand the virtue of perseverance and resilience. He has felt stronger due to the positive changes in his health. Whenever the nurse could check on his weight and health, he would tell us of very positive and encouraging words about my dad’s health. The thought of losing my dad faded away. Day by day, I developed more interest in learning about the heart rate monitor functions. I found it interesting how it results either takes people high to the clouds or sinks you to the bottom of the ocean.

Since that day I always wanted to speak to people about the dangers of smoking and also being obese especially to my peers. This is because I see many people around me such as my cousins and friends and most importantly my dad that are always moved by peer pressure and always want to engage themselves in smoking and eating of junk foods. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t lead myself into my dad’s path. Therefore, I would never miss going out for games and I always encouraged my classmates to be active in the field. Whenever there was no teacher in class, I loved to be the center of attention and just talk about ways to make your health better. I would blab and blab as if I knew what I was talking about. I was so positive that I would have an impact on my class mates I just didn’t want anyone to suffer my dad’s pain. What can I say? I was one hell of a good kid.

Then came my Life project in my 5th grade class. I was psyched. I knew exactly what I was going to talk about. I started by introducing myself and gave a brief history of why I developed interest in making sure I’m living the right life. I showed off my knowledge of the heart rate monitor and how fascinated I was in it. The students started looking at me with a lot of awe as I explained to them much more about how to be healthy as well as the effects of smoking. My teacher was amazed how a fifth grader can have so much interest in such topic. I bravely shared the experience I had the day nurses struggled to reinstate my dad until the heart rate monitor came to a stop. I saw many of the students touched and could hear them say, “I have to tell dad to stop smoking.” The students’ claps filled the room as I concluded my project with pride and accomplishment. I thought to myself that I was doing this for my dad in honor of the sacrifices that he put to ensure that I could have opportunities in life.

At this point in my life, when I pass by a heart rate monitor, it always reminds me of the day I almost lost my dad. Although, it had my dad’s heartbeats stop for a while, I look at it with appreciation for having a positive impact on my dad’s life. It’s quite overwhelming how a machine can create beliefs and open up doors and interests I never thought I would have that live within me till this moment. Despite him being alive, he is not able to do some of the things which he could do for himself. He cannot hang out with his friends and there are many of them who have mocked him. We have realized that he did not have very good friends. However, we choose to focus on the positives and not to be bogged down by the negativities. The healthcare costs have dealt a beating to his savings but we say that all is well.

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