My Education Story

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My education story is signified by one considerable change – a change of direction. I started with one specialty but understood in time that this was not the way I am willing to take further.

I have always had the following desire. I wanted my life to be connected with medicine this way or another. I was inspired on one occasion when I was a young teenager. When I visited my grandparents in the village, I accidentally came across a severely hurt kitten. It is not known how the poor creature ended up with a torn ear, two broken paws, and a damaged eye. Be it cruel kids or unfriendly dogs or other stray cats. The fact remains that since then I have been influenced by this immense feeling of compassion and sorrow. In addition, I felt helpless. I wanted to help but did not know how. Initially, there was the plan to become a veterinarian, but later I understood that my calling was helping people.

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I was struggling initially with English. I am from Poland, and my mother tongue is rather distant from the English language even though we do not use Cyrillic letters. Moreover, I was struggling with biology when at school. Such a state of things led me to the decision to apply to the English business institute. I chose the career of a medical assistant. It was perfect for me in several ways. I could improve my English immensely since the primary language of teaching for all subjects was English. The second good development was that I finally got myself into medicine sphere. I realized that I would not receive a license. I was happy, however, about the prospect of performing various routine tasks and procedures so that I could ease the burden of the nurses and doctors. I realized that it was the bottom of the medicinal institution hierarchy. Even so, this seemed to be the best option for me at the time.

After some time had passed, I realized that this was not the most elegant solution. The realization came to me in full force after I started reading books on biology again as well as general medicine. I understood then that it would be possible for me to master all necessary disciplines to pursue the career of a nurse. This way I would be closer to helping people directly. In such a way, my teenage everlasting dream would become a reality.

I am not implying in any way that the decision to go to the first college was the wrong one. The Institute is perfectly capable of providing proper education in all aspects and providing all necessary resources. The decision to change colleges had to do with my personal ambitions solely. The institute gave me lots of experiences and many valuable insights into the sphere of medicine. It also made me face one of the most important realities in life that have led me ultimately to changing my career around.

The Institute showed me that acquiring a profession is hard work. Despite everything, through persistence and will – anything can be possible. Moreover, I have acquired many good friends there, with whom I still maintain contact on a weekly basis at least. The Institute has taught me to work diligently in order to achieve even the less probable goals, which initially seem almost impossible.

My decision to apply to Laguardia Community College was influenced by several factors. One of them was the impression that they give specialized education and provide many opportunities for internships during which one can try gained knowledge on practice. Another great thing about them was that they offered numerous scholarships, which were bound to help my finances immensely. Another important factor was the location of the campus. It is incredibly close to the place of my residence. This is not to mention that most of my acquaintances from the previous college were living in the neighborhood as well. The last factor was essential to my ability to adapt to the new place. I was ready for changes as far as different environment in the new educational establishment is concerned. My friends helped me always and were an incredible support during this transitional period.

I have never regretted my decision so far. New college and a new direction in career was an incredible challenge. I managed to take it, improve myself and take my competence in medicine to the next level. My mother has always served me as a role model for hard work and disregard of difficult circumstances. She always made sure that I have a happy childhood, not marred by any troubles and concerns. I felt that learning the profession of a nurse would be the best way to give back to society. This is not to mention that I would be able to help my mother, when age would finally inevitably make her health deteriorate.

I have managed to fulfill my dream as I am on my way steadily to helping people on a daily basis. The way to my dream was accompanied by difficulties of varying complexity, but I did not falter. The first college gave me the ability to work and the realization that it is necessary if one is to achieve anything at all in this life. The second college helped me fulfill my dream of helping people.

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