Personal Statement for UK University

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I have been exposed to business stories since a young age because my father is an entrepreneur who owns and manages a TLF factory. A business is a complex system whose success is determined by a number of factors including the quality of management, the quality of workforce, attitudes towards change, and the economic environment. However, I noticed over time that my father placed a particular importance on liquidity and profitability. It may be reasonable to argue that my introduction to the fields of finance, accounting, and economics did not happen in a formal classroom setting but through my father’s stories.

The business conversations with my father influenced me to learn more about finance and accounting through business publications and internet resources. It soon became clear to me that I find finance and accounting interesting. I was also encouraged by my findings that the importance of accounting and finance continues to grow due to the forces of globalization. The demand for finance and accounting professionals has been growing because more and more organizations from developing countries are tapping international financial markets to meet their funding needs. In addition, the cultural and geographical barriers have been declining which has not only increased the intensity of competition but also the need for external sources of funds.

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I hope to take over the business from my father and expand into international markets. A background in finance and accounting will equip me with the knowledge and skills to utilize the limited resources of family business in the most efficient manner. I also hope to diversify the business by entering new markets such as consultancy and advisory services. Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, is determined to move the country away from strictly oil-based economy. The new Saudi Arabia will be more open to international investors. My educational and work experiences in the west and my knowledge of local economy, politics, culture, traditions, and businesses will enable me to provide valuable consultancy and advisory services to international investors in Saudi Arabia.

As far as my non-academic interests and achievements are concerned, I am deeply interested in politics and cross-cultural issues which inspired me to join Model United Nations (MUN) in 2016. My experiences with MUN have been quite productive and my accomplishments include being informally awarded ‘The Best Delegate’ and ‘The Most Controversial Debater’. This does not surprise me because I am also a competitive debater and have argued in debate conferences on diverse topics such as cryptocurrency and animal testing. My debate and communication skills have also been acknowledged by my teachers. I also possess programming and graphic designing skills, and helped create an e-newsletter for ISG, a Dammam-based sports team.

I read on a diverse range of topics because I am committed to continuous learning. I believe education should be pursued not only in classroom but also outside it. The world has been changing and progressing at a rapid pace, and reading helps me stay up-to-date. I am fortunate to already have acquired work experiences in the real world, even before starting my university career. In addition to working at my father’s TLF factory, I have completed an internship Blink Lashes, Saudi Arabia where my responsibilities included sales and marketing activities including social media campaign, developing sales reports, managing relationships with suppliers, and translating legal documents from Arabic to English.

I have been to UK many times and love the cosmopolitan culture of the country. I look forward to have a productive academic career in the U.K. and hope it will help me accomplish my personal and professional goals.

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