University Education And Career

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In today’s world, a university education is integral in achieving one’s personal and career goals. A degree from an esteemed university or college will open many career and professional doors that may otherwise remain closed. Furthermore, by obtaining an advanced degree one demonstrates the discipline, drive and dedication necessary for success in one’s chosen field. The education that one receives at a university serves to challenge the student and make him a better critical thinker while at the same time preparing him for work in a group dynamic at the professional level.

A degree is especially helpful when one is choosing to work in a specialized field. Future employers like to see the hard working dedication that it takes to achieve this educational milestone. In fact, “a graduate degree is increasingly considered an asset by employers and governments all over the world” (The Benefits). By completing my education at the collegiate level, I will be able to earn a higher income while at the same time progress up the ladder of success. More importantly, I will be able to think in an analytical manner and will have demonstrated my ability “to see a task through from beginning to end” (The Benefits of Earning). Aside from the financial and professional benefits, a college education and the earning of a degree is tangible proof that I have completed a herculean task. I strongly believe that a higher education provides one with a profound sense of accomplishment. “College graduates report being happier with their work, and having a higher likelihood of learning new things at work compared to those without a degree” (Pfeffer). I have discovered that the more I learn, the more I want to learn.

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Earning a degree has many benefits both personal and professional. The college education is not simply about books and research papers. It encompasses being able to problem solve, work in a group and think analytically. All of these skills and experiences are important to future employers. Therefore, a college education will benefit me in the professional arena and help me achieve all of my life’s goals.

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