Access Disability Service

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Since I was very young, I knew that my dream was to work in the field of health care. I have always liked building relationships, and I have always been driven to understand people: who they really are, and what they really need. It is perhaps for this reason that I have always been so drawn to roles centered on caring for people and helping them when they are in need. As I have become older, this instinctive desire has taken shape in my ambition to become a Nurse Practitioner. By working directly with patients to provide both emotional and physical support, I feel I am not only following a calling that is close to my heart, but also helping to provide a service which I know to be indispensable.

I have been unfortunate enough in my life to have personal experience of the truly vital role played by nurses in the healthcare profession. Having suffered from illness for many years, I spent vast quantities of time incarcerated within a hospital. Regardless of the quality of care that is provided, such an experience can rarely be a pleasant one for any patient, and for me it was a time of both physical and mental hardship. However, when I was confined to bed, in pain and depressed, the care and attention of the nurses who attended me twenty-four hours a day not only helped speed my recovery, but made the whole experience bearable. They provided emotional support and created a positive environment for me and the other patients; their job was not easy, and carried many challenges, but they made a real and lasting impact on the lives of those they helped. I learned from these nurses how fundamental everyday support and emotional warmth can be to the process of recovery, and from that moment I knew that nursing was the right profession for me. Becoming a nurse will give me the opportunity to give back to my community, and to help people who are experiencing the same hardships I endured.

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The idea of providing support is central to my desire for a career in healthcare; it is for this reason that I am choosing to do my learning service with the Access Disability Service at MDC Kendall Campus. As a student, the Access Disability Service have been instrumental to my success at college; without the help of their tutors and advisers I could not have succeeded as I have done. Access have not only provided educational support through my years learning English while studying my course; they also provided valuable emotional support, helping me to feel that my particular needs did not need to be a hindrance to my success. Now that I am pursuing a new step in my career, working with Access can only fuel my passion for helping others, improving my experience of providing support and helping me to discover a new aspect of my own abilities.

Access provide both practical and emotional support to enable all pupils to experience an equal opportunity to succeed; my personal experience has led me to believe that this type of support is essential in helping pupils to reach their full potential, just as it helped me to do. I hope that my learning service will allow me to help others in the same way: as a note-taker, a tutor, or as a companion, I will pass on the support and guidance that were granted to me, helping another generation of pupils to succeed and providing the type of relationship that can really make a difference to the life of someone who is struggling.

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