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My short term career goals that I wish to achieve within the next three years, include gaining a contract at a global law firm in London after gaining the qualification of solicitor. In the meantime, in order to make myself more marketable and knowledgeable, I will work towards a Master’s degree in Management since Management is a discipline that is highly relevant, versatile and crucial to the development of an exceptional leader in any professional field, especially the law. I saw firsthand how important it is to understand the business world through an internship that I recently completed as a marketing assistant.

I found it most interesting to observe how individual managers best motivate and support their staff. This element is crucial in building professional relationships which nurture and sustain the organization. A Master’s in Management will serve to strengthen and maximize my knowledge base gained during my marketing internship while providing me with a business perspective which will, in turn, enhance my law career. After I earn my Master’s degree, I plan to work at a law firm in order to hone my analytical skills. This combination of business and law will provide me the best opportunity for success as a professional barrister at a global law firm.

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Achieving my short term goals will not be without some challenges. Anticipating those challenges will enable me to make a viable plan for overcoming them which will, in turn, ensure success in attaining my goals. The number one hurdle lying in my path is achieving matriculation to Imperial College London which is one of the most prestigious business schools in the world. I have applied to that school and await an acceptance letter so that I may move towards working on my Master’s in Management. Imperial College London is my number one choice for post graduate studies, but I do have a host of back up schools to which I have applied. My grades, letters of recommendation and community and school activities are stellar, so I do not anticipate having any difficulty in being accepted somewhere. Another challenge I will face is making myself competitive in the competitive academic post graduate environment. My plan for dealing with this challenge is to simply study, attend all classes, and take advantage of the opportunity I have been given by making the best grades possible. I fully intend to graduate in the top five percent of my class which will make me a viable commodity in the job market thereby allowing me to obtain a training contract at a global law firm in London.

My long term career goals include delving into the entertainment industry. I became enamored of the entertainment industry when I spent some time as a marketing assistant intern at Feelgood Entertainment. The area of entertainment fits very well with both business and law. My passion for all three will make for a lifelong career that is satisfying and challenging. I have a particular interest in music and the motion picture industry due to the challenges each of those fields present. I recently completed a module on intellectual property rights which leads me to ponder intellectual property piracy as it pertains to the entertainment industry. My ultimate goal would be to help various industry leaders and movie studios in their quest to protect their movies and music from outright piracy. With the hacking scandal that recently happened with Sony Studios in Hollywood, I would think that industry leaders would be most interested in putting a stop to blatant invasions of their property-intellectual and otherwise. I would like to work for a movie studio as their in house counsel in preventing and solving such matters. I look towards achieving this long term goal within the next ten years. By that time I would have spent a considerable amount of time, study and effort in the law and in the business world.

I believe that the skills that are most important in achieving both my short term and long term goals team management, leadership, time management, communications, and stress management. Although there are many other skills necessary for success in the areas in which I am interested, these skills are the top five that are crucial. Without these five skills, I feel that my career would stall. I have already demonstrated my team management and leadership skills by working on team projects. For example, I won a photography contest which led me to working on my school’s yearbook as its coordinator and photographer. In this position I was responsible for making sure that all of the University’s events were covered by various photojournalists. To ensure that all events were covered, I held weekly staff meetings to hand out assignments and to help the staff with problem solving issues that would inevitably arise.

I was required to handle staff issues with the fine art of compromise and aplomb. Throughout this endeavor, I learned just how important communications skills are. Without the ability to communicate with each other, the ability to lead and manage a team vanishes. Throughout my entire academic career I have had to learn the fine art of time management, but it became apparent to me most recently how important it is to be able to manage my time. I am now juggling work and a demanding academic schedule. In order to keep my stress level down, I also have to work in exercise and time to just decompress. I have managed to do all of that by keeping a daily planner of everything that I have to do. I have also learned the importance of prioritizing my schedule to better manage my time. The ability to adequately manage time so that everything can be accomplished in a busy day is integral to being successful in my personal and professional world.

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