Mate Selection

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Although each person is unique, there are general patterns which define our behavior. Our biology determines our tastes in choosing mates. Charles Darwin was the first to discover the mechanism of sexual selection (Geary et al. 27). According to this theory, our concept of attractiveness is based on selecting a partner with genes that facilitate survival. In this paper, I analyze whether my preferences in mates follow this rule.

I notice that I often fall for males with deep voices. In fact, I like chest voice in both men and women. In my opinion, this is a very sensual trait, and it seems to be a sign of maturity, whereas high-pitch voices are associated with childishness. Everyone agrees that an attractive man must have a deep baritone or bass. Serge Gainsburg’s biography proves that having a good voice is enough for becoming popular and dating beautiful women like Brigitte Bardot or Jane Birkin.

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Another trait from my list is also very common. I would like to date a tall man. In fact, my choice is not unique, because many other women would like to have romantic relationships with tall partners. I was not the only one to like tall boys from my school, and other girls found them attractive too. Although there are popular short actors, like Tom Cruise or Robert Downey Jr., they get so much attention only because their height is not noticeable on screen. It is believed that a short man should have extra valuable features to compensate their shortness. For example, Danny DeVito has a great personality and sense of humor. According to Loisel-Furey and Segal, these personality traits are among the most valuable, and they allow DeVito (who is 4′ 10″) to remain attractive (195). Overall, a tall man has more chances to get my attention than a short one.

The last feature from my short list is a strong jawline. I suppose that a prominent chin is one of the reasons why actors like Jude Law or Matt Bomer are so handsome. A weak chin is considered an unattractive feature which indicates the lack of willpower. I think this is one of the reasons why beards are in fashion. Facial hair instantly adds volume to a jaw and makes it more prominent. I always fall for guys with a prominent chin, because they look so masculine and vigorous. Overall, I am attracted to tall men with a deep voice and a strong jawline.

Biology determines all positions from this list. Eventually, all of them are valuable for intersexual selection, when a female is choosing a partner among other candidates. All of them rather attract attention than help in competing with other males. Lecturers and actors with deep voices often are praised by women. A strong jawline makes a face look handsome, and women naturally fall for such men. However, being tall also can be beneficial in competing with other males, because tall men tend to be bigger and stronger.

Finally, all these traits are indicators of physical and genetic health. According to, a prominent jaw is a sign of high testosterone levels, which is an attribute of reproductive health. Evans et al. state that modern males have deep voices due to sexual selection because it also is a sign of high testosterone (783). Lai says that both genes and environment define individual’s height; therefore, tall men are healthier and have more resources than shorter males. Overall, men with listed features attract women, because they will pass beneficial genes to their offspring, which will also be healthy and attractive. In this way, certain physical features are becoming more common.

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